Jennifer Carnell

Photographs taken 28 May 2005 by Jennifer Carnell.
The pictures are shown in the order they were taken, as I walked around the cemetery.
There are many interesting famous and not so famous people buried there and I took about one hundred and fifty photographs.

The entrance gate to Brompton Cemetery.
The words above the gate read:
'West London
Westminster Cemetery
Erected A.D. 1839'

The grave of the actors Sir Squire and Lady Bancroft.

'The Mausoleum of Richard Henry and Mary Ann Sheldrick of Dalston.'

'Family Tomb of Benjamin Golding M.D.'

'To John Snow, M.D
Born at York
March 15th 1813
Died in London
June 16th 1858
In remembrance of his great labours in science
and of the excellence of his private life and character
This monument (with the assent of Mr. William Snow)
Has been erected over his grave
By his professional brethren and friends.
Restored in 1895
By Sir Benjamin W. Richardson F.R.S.
And a few surviving friends.
Inscription restored in 1938 by members
of the Section of Anaesthetics of the
Royal Society of Medicine and Anaesthetics
In the United States of America
The original memorial to John Snow was destroyed
by enemy action in April 1941. This replica was
erected by the Association of Anaesthetists of
Great Britain and Ireland in September 1951.'

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By Jennifer Carnell:

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