Jennifer Carnell
Photographs taken 28 May 2005 by Jennifer Carnell.

The grave at the centre of the picture is
'Sacred to the memory of Patrick Clement Walters
of Portland Street, Marylebone
Who died 29th July 18(?)
Aged 71 years
Also to Sarah
Relict of the above
Who died February 1870
Aged 82 years
Also to Charlotte Maria
Daughter in law to the above
Who died [...] 187?'
And seemingly there is part of another name below this.
The grave on the right of the picture is that of William Alecock, his wife Elizabeth,
and another family member called Lucy.

Unfortunately some monuments were carved in very soft stone,
and, as can be seen above, the sculptures and ornaments are wearing away.
Another sad feature of many graves is the use of lead type for the inscription; age and weather
makes the type fall off. It's a pity the type isn't replaced before it becomes completely unreadable.
The name (s) of the family at the top on this grave has completely vanished.
It now starts with 'Emma', the wife of fred (probably Alfred), and most of her details are gone.
'Also in memory of
Beloved wife of
Samuel Garlick Martin
Who died the 23rd September 1906
Aged 66 years
Eldest daughter of the late Thomas Taylor [the T of Taylor is missing]
Gone but not forgotten.
Also in memory of
Samuel Garlick Martin, C.E.,
The beloved husband of the above,
Who died the 1st day of September 1909
Aged 79 years.'
Mary Taylor married Samuel Garlick Martin at Kensington in 1867.

'In memory of
Andrew Cassels
Late member of the Council of India
Born 20 Dec. 1811 Died 2 Aug. 1886.
"A man greatly beloved." '

Memory of
Only daughter of the late
Timothy Richard Janns
Captain 88Ft Regiment
2, Loughboro Park,
August 29th 1886
A Tribute of love
From her only first cousin
According to death records, Louisa was 76 years old when she died.

'In loving memory of
Josephine Sarah
Only daughter of the late
Summers Higgins, Esq., M.D.
Inspector General of Army Hospitals.
She departed this life on the
23rd day of August 1887
To the great grief of her
Bereaved brother
And deeply lamented by her
Relatives and friends
Also of her attached brother
Lewis Higgins, Esq.
Born July 7th 1818, died June 12th 1891,
Aged 72 years.'

According to the 1871 census, Lewis Higgins was a stock broker. He was born in France and
his sister Josephine was born in Ireland in about 1831.



By Jennifer Carnell:

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