Chadband Family Ambrotypes
Jennifer Carnell's Victorian Photograph Collection

Two sixth plate ambrotypes.
Alfred Miles Chadband and William Chadband
A seaside ambrotype of the brothers who look very much alike.
They were the sons of William Chadband, a tailor.
Alfred Chadband (c.1821-1886) became a tailor in the High Street in Epsom, Surrey. He married Sarah Ellis, the daughter of farmer James Ellis, on 24 July 1849 at St. Magnus, the City of London. His second wife was Jane Elizabeth Chadband.
William Chadband (c.1812-1888) became a tailor in Camberwell.
They also had a brother called Frederick Chadband, who was a draper and commission agent, and both Frederick and Alfred had sons called Ralph Chadband.

The sons of Alfred and Frederick Chadband.

Ralph Chadband of Hadley. Ralph Chadband was born in Camberwell in 1858 and was the son of Frederick and Caroline Wayte Chadband. His parents married on the same day as Alfred Chadband. He married Ellen Burgess and had a son called Stephen Lewis Chadband. Ralph died in 1886 and at that time was working as a photographer.

Ralph Chadband of Epsom. This Ralph Chadband was the son of Alfred Chadband. He was born in Epsom in 1860 and became a tailor in the family business. He died in 1905.
The picture was talen on 15 November 1875.

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