1850s Ambrotype of Goold Adams
Victorian Photograph Collection of Jennifer Carnell

Half plate ambrotype by Charles Clarkington of London of Goold Adams, circa 1857.

Clarkington was a daguerreotype and ambrotype photographer and his colour ambrotypes were admired.

The sitter is identified by a label on the case as 'a Goold Adams'.
The sitter has a military look about him, and it is likely that he is one of two Irish men:
Michael Goold Adams who was in the 2nd Dragoons in the early 1840s, and the Special Service in 1855;
or, less likely, he could be Samuel Goold Adams who was in the 10th Foot Regiment in 1837 and was Michael's brother.

Since writing the above, I have found that a Major Goold Adams was living in London at 57 St. James's Square in 1857. This makes it likely that this man is Michael Goold Adams as he became a major in the army in 1855 and was promted from major to Lieutenant Colonel in 1858. He was the son of Martha White and Michael Goold Adams (died 1817) of Jamesbrook in Cork and his brother Richard Wallis Goold Adams was the father of Sir Hamilton John Goold Adams.

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