A Production of
The Outcast, or, Henry Dunbar
Based on the novel Henry Dunbar by Mary Elizabeth Braddon
The Boston Museum in America
Performed on March 27th, 28th, and 29th, 1866

Part of the playbill.

Acting Manager of the Theatre: Mr. R.M. Field

The Cast
Henry Dunbar - Mr. L.R. Shewell
The Major - W. Warren
Clement Austin - J. Wilson
Henry Carter - J.J. Wallace
Jerrams - J.H. Ring
Arthur Lovell - C.H. Frye
Balderby - J.G. Turner
Hartogg - M. Woolf
Thomas Tibbles - J.R. Pitman
Umfravillo - Wooler
Messenger at the Bank - Morris
Servant at Mr. Dunbar's - Dinsmore
Margaret Wentworth - Miss Kate Denim
Laura Dunbar - Miss Annie Clarke
Mary Madden - Mrs. F. Williams

The orchestra was conducted by Julius Eichberg

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