Highgate Cemetery

Photographs taken by Jennifer Carnell in October 1992

The Egyptian Avenue gate.

A view of the columns on one side of the entrance.

The tomb of George Wombwell and his wife Ann,
with an impressive statue of Nero the lion.

'To the memory of George Wombwell

Born 24th December 1777
Died 14th November 1850'
'In memory of Ann Wombwell
Died 3rd September 1876
Aged 88.'

The central mausoleum, with the pyramid top, is that of Julius Beer (1836-1880).
Beer was the owner of the Observer newspaper.

The entrance gates to the mausoleum of Julius Beer.


'In loving memory
William Sheppard Hoare
Croft Lodge Highgate
For 23 years churchwarden of the
Parish of St. Anne's Highgate Rise
who died 2nd September 1911 in his 76th year
and of Elizabeth his wife
who passed away on the 11th day of April 1928
in her 86th year
also of
Blanche Mary Hoare
Eldest daughter of the above
who died on the 6th March 1914 aged 48 years
"In sure and certain hope of the
Resurrection to Eternal Life
Our Lord Jesus Christ" '


A closer picture of the angel.

The grave of Thomas Sayers
Tom Sayers (1826-1865) was a boxer, gaining the nickname the 'Napoleon of the Prize Ring'.
He was the champion English heavyweight champion in 1857.
The dog represents his pet, Lion.




'Ellen Hartley
Widow of James Francis Hartley
Died 25th March 1828.'


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