Lady Audley's Secret
Performed at the Theatre Royal, Hull in 1868
Page by Jennifer Carnell

This visiting production to Hull starred Louisa Ruth Herbert, the original Lady Audley in George Roberts's adaptation of Braddon's novel.
Lady Audley's Secret was performed in Hull on 2 and 3 November 1868.
The lessee and manager of the Theatre Royal, Hull at this time was London manager F.B. Chatterton of Drury Lane.
The actors in the production were:

Sir Michael Audley - Ersser Jones

Robert Audley - L. Nanton
George Talboys - Harry Crouch

Luke Marks - R. Thorne
Slip - Edith Blande
1st Countryman - E.B. Cross
2nd Countryman - A. Moore

Lady Audley - Louisa Ruth Herbert
Alice Audley - Miss Noel
Phoebe - Miss E. Grattan

The programme was printed by Hill's Steam Works of Church Lane.

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