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A large number of Braddon's later novels were serialised in newspapers. They were syndicated by two companies, William Tillotson and Leng.

Braddon's 1888 novel The Fatal Three was syndicated by Leng and serialised across the country in provincial newspapers in 25 weekly parts.
This Victorian tintype photograph shows a newsagent, grocery and tobacconist shop with the name T.A. Foulkes above the door. This was probably a business in the town of Bootle in Lancashire owned by a young man called Thomas Foulkes and his mother Elizabeth Wylie. Thomas Foulkes later described himself as a newsagent when his son was baptised. The second older man is possibly his step-father Hugh Wylie. Thomas Alfred Foulkes (1868-1926) was born in Liverpool. In 1891 the shop was at 39 Salisbury Road in Bootle.

A closeup of the newspaper billboard. The newspapers mentioned on the billboard are the Weekly Post, the magazine Tit-Bits and on the lower part the Liverpool Weekly Courier. Under the Liverpool Weekly Courier is advertised 'The Fatal Three by Miss Braddon'. The newspaper headlines on the billboard of 'Appalling Scenes', 'Fire and Panic' and 'Great Loss of Life' refer to a fire and cyclone in Mount Vernon, Illinois in America in February 1888. The newspaper serialisation of Braddon's novel began in mid January.

Advertising postcard for the newspaper serialisation of Braddon's 1907 novel Dead Love Has Chains in the Doncaster Chronicle.

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