Tauchnitz Editions of Novels by Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Jennifer Carnell

Tauchnitz editions were English language paperbacks published in Leipzig, Germany, and were bought by Europeans, tourists wanting the latest novel to read on holiday, and expatriates. The publisher Bernhard Tauchnitz paid for the European copyrights and the books were not allowed to be taken into the United Kingdom or America. Apart from Braddon's last novels (and a few titles published by other European English language publishers when John Maxwell sought higher payments from short-lived rivals to Tauchnitz), nearly all of her books were published in the Tauchnitz edition.

The spines of an early Tauchnitz titles by Braddon, Dead Sea Fruit (1868).

The front cover of the second volume of Dead Sea Fruit.

The volumes were often rebound in cloth or leather by their owners.

The publisher Bernhard Tauchnitz.

To read everything you might want to know about Tauchnitz publications, including bibliographical information about Braddon editions in Tauchnitz, read Tauchnitz International Editions in English 1841-1955: A Bibliographical History by William B. Todd and Ann Bowden, published in 1988 by the Bibliographical Society of America.

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