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Winifred Rosalie Maxwell, the youngest daughter of Mary Braddon and John Maxwell, was born at the height of Braddon's nervous breakdown after the death of her mother. By her family she was always called Rosie. As a small child, Rosie shared her mother's talent for writing stories and later, under her brother William's ownership, she helped to read the manuscripts of short stories submitted to Mistletoe Bough.

On the 16 June 1891 Rosie married Robert Lachlan (born 1861), a mathematician, and on the 8 September 1892 their son Lucien Austin William Braddon Lachlan (1892-1964) was born. Rosie's health was poor for most of her marriage and she died young on the 21 July 1899. She was buried near the home of her mother, Lichfield House, at Richmond Cemetery. Mary Braddon was buried next to her daughter in 1915, and the graves can be seen here.

Robert Lachlan later remarried and had a daughter called Mary.

One of Braddon's last actions before she died in 1915 was to pack a parcel to send to her grandson Lucien (generally called Austin by his mother's family), who was fighting with the Gloucestershire Regiment. In February 1915 he was wounded, and I had thought it perhaps unlikely that he survived the First World War. Braddon left a considerable amount of property in the New Forest near Lyndhurst to her grandson in 1915: nos. 1 - 4 Pikes Hill Villas; 3 cottages at Pikes Hill; 2 houses in Gosport Lane called 1 and 2 Lynwood, and the cottage adjoining these properties.

Thanks to the The Glorious Glosters website, I learnt that not only did Lucien survive the War, but that he went on to have a successful career in the army with the Gloucestershire Regiment 1911-1936, rising to the rank of Colonel. He was also awarded the O.B.E. Colonel Lachlan died at Milford-On-Sea, a New Forest town in Hampshire, on the 27 June 1964.

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Jennifer Carnell, The Literary Lives of Mary Elizabeth Braddon (Sensation Press, 2000).

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