The Publication History of the Novel
Jennifer Carnell

A manuscript page of Sir Jasper's Tenant.

The first monthly instalment of the serialisation of Sir Jasper's Tenant in Temple Bar, February 1865.

Two volumes from the three volume edition published by John Maxwell and Company in 1865. This was the fifth edition in three volumes. The copy pictured belonged to Gutch's Circulating Library in Southampton.

Title page of the third volume, showing Maxwell's company logo. One satisfied contemporary reader wrote in pencil at the end of the novel, 'A gem of a book.'

Title page of a yellowback reprint published by Ward, Lock and Tyler circa 1868.

Parlour Edition reprint of Sir Jasper's Tenant published by Ward, Lock, & Tyler, circa 1868.
(The above Parlour Edition picture of Sir Jasper's Tenant was kindly provided by Peter Harries of Boz Books.)

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