The Publication History of the Novel
Jennifer Carnell (items from Jennifer Carnell's Braddon Collection)

The first edition in three volumes, published by John Maxwell in 1874.
This book was later owned by Braddon's son Gerald Maxwell and was given to me by Mary Elizabeth Braddon's grandson Henry Maxwell.

Signed by Braddon on the half title of volume 1 to Colonel Price.

'Taken at the Flood,' Athenaeum, 2 May 1874.

'Miss Braddon has returned to her best style. 'Taken at the Flood' is far better than 'Milly Darrell,' - than 'Lucius Davoren,' - than 'Strangers and Pilgrims,' - than, in short, any of those books of hers which we have both praised and blamed, but with none of which we have been satisfied during the last two years. 'Taken at the Flood' is a very simple story, which does not seem to have cost Miss Braddon so much pains to write as some of those which we have named. It is, however, - that which they are not - a tale really worthy of her talent. It is not a great novel, but it is a thoroughly good one.'

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