The Funeral of Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Richmond, Surrey 8 February 2014
Written for the Centenary of the Death of Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Jennifer Carnell

The funeral of Mary Elizabeth Braddon was held 100 years ago on Monday 8 February 1915 at two o'clock in the afternoon at St. Matthias, the Parish Church in Richmond, Surrey. The funeral directors were W.J. and A. Long of Richmond.

The long cortege left Lichfield House. In the first carriage was Braddon's sons Gerald and W.B. Maxwell and W.B. Maxwell's wife Sydney. In the second carriage was Braddon's son Edward and his wife Maud, Braddon's daughter Fanny, Fanny's husband Edmund Selous and Lady Braddon. In the fourth carriage was John Braddon, Paul Braddon and Major Martin Moore and in the fifth was Braddon's personal maid Miss Jones and three other maids from Lichfield House. Two further carriages were filled with flowers, and the hearse contained yet more wreaths. Local shops were closed, their windows covered by black shutters, and houses drew their blinds as people lined the streets.

Before the service the organist Ambrose Porter played Beethoven's Funeral March, Chopin's Prelude in C Minor, and Mendelsohn's Funeral March. The coffin was carried up the aisle while ‘Blest are the Departed' was played and the service was conducted by the Reverend Max Binney, the vicar of Richmond, assisted by Braddon's friend the Reverend J.H. Champion McGill, the vicar of Isleworth, and the Reverend Claude Beckwith. Three hymns were sung, ‘The Saints of God,' ‘Now the Labourers Task is O'er,' and ‘Peace, Perfect Peace.' At the end of the service the coffin was carried from the church to the accompaniment of Chopin's March Funebre, and many people were waiting outside the church.

The coffin was taken for burial to Richmond Cemetery up the road and a large group of people assembled there. Braddon was buried next to her daughter Rosalie. The grave was lined with laurel and cedar with an elm shell. The coffin was made of panelled oak with brass fittings and on the plate was inscribed ‘Mary Elizabeth Maxwell, Died February 4th 1915, Aged 77 years' and was buried with two wreath from Gerald Maxwell and W.B. and Sydney Maxwell. The last part of the ceremony was performed by Max Binney.

Her funeral was attended, and flowers sent, by her many friends and relations.

Key to Some of Those at Braddon's Funeral
Note: some of those listed sent wreaths and may not have been present. Where they are known to have been present for certain I have written 'Church' in brackets.
The names in bold are as they were listed at the time, folowed by my identification.

Mrs. Allhusen: Dorothy Allhusen was the wife of Henry Allhusen and the daughter of society hostess and friend of Braddon, Lady St. Helier. Braddon's son W.B. Maxwell and his wife often attended house parties at their home at Stoke Court. (Wreath.)
Mrs. Archibald: Mrs. Archibald was Elizabeth Archibald of Laleham, London Road, Brentwood in Essex. She was married to bank cashier William Archibald. (Wreath.)
Sir Squire and Lady Bancroft: The actors Sir Squire Bancroft and Lady Marie Bancroft. Their residence ay the time was 18 Berkeley Square. (Wreath.)
Mrs. Bandmann Palmer: Millicent Bandmann Palmer was an actress friend of Braddon's. (Church and wreath.)
A. Barkas: Albert Barkas was the librarian for the Borough of Richmond. (Church.)
Mrs. Florence L. Barclay: Florence L. Barclay was a well-known novelist. (Church.)
Rev. Claude Beckwith: Claude Beckwith (1873-1951) was a vicar in Richmond. (Church.)
Mrs. Graham Bell: Mrs. Graham Bell was Rosa Charlotte Graham Bell, who lived in Richmond with her daughter Dorothy Rose Graham Squire and son in law Anson Vivian Squire at Kingston House, 12 Kew Gardens Road, Richmond. (Church.)
Mrs. Lynden Bell: possibly Helen Geraldine Lynden Bell, the wife of army officer Charles Percevel Lynden Bell - the couple married in Richmond in 1889.
Mrs. Binney: presumably the wife of Max Binney. (Church.)
Rev. Max Binney: the Vicar of Richmond. (Church.)
Mrs. Blair and Miss Blair: the Blairs lived at The Homestead, Richmond. (Wreath.)
Sir Herbert and Lady Blake: Sir Herbert Blake was the former governor of Ceylon. Lady Blake was the daughter of the politician Bernal Osborne. (Wreath.)
Mr. J.A. Blasdale: John Alfred Blasdale was a picture frame maker in Richmond. He lived with his wife Lizzie Annie and William Henry Blasdale at 29 Friars Stile Road, Richmond. (Church & wreath.)
Professor and Mrs. Boulger: Professor George Simonds Boulger (c.1853-1922) was a lecturer on botany and geology. Mrs. Boulger was born Dora Harriet Havers (died 1923). They were living at 12 Lancaster Park, Richmond. (Wreath.)
Colonel and Mrs. Boyd: Colonel Alexander Boyd (c.1837-1916) and Helen Boyd lived in Richmond at 31 Montague Road, Richmond with their barrister son Edward Charles Percy Boyd. (Church)
Miss Lennox Boyd: (Wreath.)
Mrs. Boyes: (Church.)
Mrs. Moore Brabazon: a relative of Sydney Maxwell's. (Wreath.)
Lady Braddon: the widow of Braddon's brother Sir Edward Braddon. (Wreath.)
Mr. And Mrs. J. Braddon: John Braddon and his wife. (Wreath.)
Mr. and M.E.G. Braddon: cousins from Bath. (Wreath.)
Paul Braddon: (Church.)
Miss Lilian Braithwaite: The actress Lilian Braithwaite. At the time she was living at 2 Pelham Crescent in London. (Wreath.)
Miss Mary Brough: The actress Mary Brough. (Wreath.)
Sir William Bull M.P.: Sir William Bull was a politician and Member of Parliament. (Church.)
Miss Burdett: Church.)
Sir Francis and Lady Burnand: F.C. Burnand was the editor of Punch, to which Braddon had occasionally contributed. At the time he and his wife were living at 48, Royal Crescent, Ramsgate. (Wreath.)
Lord Burnham: the newspaper proprietor Edward Levy-Lawson. (Wreath)
F. Burt: (Wreath.)
Mr. and Mrs. Percy S. Bysshe: Mrs. Percy Shelley Bysshe was Katie Christmas, one of Braddon's step-granddaughters. (Wreath.)
Mr. George Cave K.C. M.P. and Mrs Cave: George Cave later became Viscount Cave, the Lord Chancellor. He had known the Maxwells for years and lived near them in Richmond. Mrs. George Cave was present in the Church. (Wreath.)
Mrs. Chapman: (Church.)
Miss Christmas: Miss Christmas was one of Braddon's step-granddaughters. (Wreath.)
Mrs. W.K. Clifford: The novelist Lucy Clifford of 7 Chilworth Street in London. (Wreath.)
Mr. W.A. Clowes: William Clowes was the printer of many of Braddon's later novels. (Wreath.)
Mrs. W. Cockburn: (Church.)
Mrs. Denny Cooke: Beatrice Jessie Denny Cooke, the wife of duplicator manufacturer Thomas Henry Denny Cooke. The family lived in Richmond. (Church.)
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Cory: Mrs. Cory was Winifred Graham the novelist, a visitor to Lichfield House in later years. At the time they were living at The White House, Hampton Court. (Church and Wreath.)
Rev. and Mrs. Dacre Craven: The Reverend Dacre Craven (c.1833-1823) was a vicar at St. Andrew's, Holborn. He lived at St. Andrew's Rectory with his wife Florence Sarah Craven (nee Lees) and Royal Navy Lieutenant son Harry Lees Dacre Craven (died 1917). (Wreath.)
Lady Crossley: Lady Crossley was living at 17 Kensington Court in London. (Wreath.)
Mrs. Dean: (Church.)
G.W. Edmunds: (Church.)
Mr. A.H. Etherin: (Church.)
Mr. and Mrs. E.D. Etherington: Possibly Edward Duggan Etherington, a music and piano seller, born in Richmond and living in Twickenham with his wife Amy Sarah Etherington. (Church.)
Mrs. Feaver: (Wreath.)
Mr. Freke Field: Freke Hamilton Field (1860-1940) was an artist, who had lived with his parents Joshua and Emma at Latchmere House, Ham Common. (Church.)
Mr. H.N. Penny Firmin: probably Nicholas Charles Penny Firmin, a banker's clerk, living at Northwood, Kings Road, Richmond. (Wreath.)
Mr. W.J. Fisher, J.P.: Mr. Fisher, a Justice of the Peace. (Church.)
Misses Forster: possibly the daughters of family friend Lord Forster. (Church.)
Surgeon-General Sir Benjamin Franklin: an old family friend. (Church.)
Miss M.F. Frith: One of the daughters of the painter William Powell Frith. (Wreath.)
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Frith: Walter Frith was an actor and the son of the painter William Powell Frith. (Wreath.)
Miss Frockmorton: (Wreath.)
Mrs. and the Misses Ganz: Mr. Ganz had been a member of the Drury Lane Lodge of freemasons with Gerald Maxwell. (Wreath.)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Garvice: Charles Garvice was a novelist. He and his wife Elizabeth lived close to Braddon in Richmond. (Church.)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Graham: The Grahams were from St. Albans. (Wreath.)
Mrs. G.F. Guyon: Mrs. Guyon lived at 110 Westbourne Terrace, Hyde Park. She was married to Major General Gardiner Frederick Guyon. (Wreath.)
Rev. L. R. Hancock: (Church.)
Mr. W.M. Hardinge: William Money Hardinge of 5 Montpelier Terrace, Knightsbridge and Windlestone Bray, Berkshire. (Church.)
Lady Hardman: (Wreath.)
Rev. R.B. Harrison: In her last years Braddon had attended St. John's Church and had been interested in the work of the Reverend Harrison. (Church.)
Sir George and Lady Hastings: Sir George Hastings and Lady Alice Hastings. Alice was the daughter of the artist William Powell Frith. (Church.)
Mr. Joseph H. Hayward: (Church.)
Mrs. Headley: Mrs. Headley of Drayton House, St. Margaret's. (Wreath.)
Mr. Claud Heneage: Claud Walker Heneage. A long-term family friend of W.B. Maxwell's. (Wreath.)
Lady Gwendolyn and Lady Victoria Herbert: The Herberts lived at Faircroft, Putney. (Wreath.)
Mrs. Hipwell: (Wreath.)
Mrs. W.E. Hillier: (Wreath.)
Mrs. Humphrey: (Wreath.)
Rev. Mr. Hunt: (Church.)
Mr. J. Ireland: (Church.)
Dr. and Mrs. Johnstone: James Johnstone, a surgeon, and his wife Rose Ethel Johnstone, lived at Tudor House in King's Road, Richmond. (Wreath.)
Miss A. Jones: Braddon's maid. (Wreath.)
Mrs. Jones: Mrs. Jones was from Gloucester. (Wreath.)
Mr. and Mrs. Kendal: The actors W.H. Kendal and Madge Kendal. (Wreath.)
Knight the coachman and family: Thomas Knight the coachman and his family. (Wreath.)
Dr. and Mrs. Lachlan: Dr. Robert Lachlan was Braddon's son-in-law and the widower of her daughter Rosalie. Mrs. Lachlan was his second wife. (Wreath.)
Austin Lachlan: Austin Lachlan was Braddon's grandson. He was probably not present as he was with the army when she died. (Wreath.)
Lady Legard: (Church and wreath.)
Lichfield House: at least three maids other than Miss Jones attended and there were probably others. There was a wreath from the other household servants.
Walter J. and A. Long: (Wreath.) The funeral directors. Long were estate agents in Richmond.
Mr. J. Lott: John Lott was a retired compositor who lived with his wife Matilda and daughter Amelia at 20 Turle Road, Tollington Park. (Wreath.)
Miss M. McCarthy: (Wreath.)
Rev. Champion McGill: the Reverend John Henry Champion McGill, the Vicar of Isleworth and friend of Braddon's. (Church)
Mrs. Maitland: (Wreath.)
Mrs. W. Welsey Martin: Mrs. W. Welsey Martin of 10 Norham Road, Oxford was Catherine Martin (nee Burk), the wife of William Welsey Martin. (Wreath.)
Mrs. Arthur Maslen and Miss Helen Maslen: Nina Maslen and her daughter Helen lived at 32 St. Stephens Gardens in Twickenham. (Wreath.)
Mrs. J.H. Master: (Church.)
Colonel Mayne, Major Mayne, Miss Mayne and Miss E. Mayne: Retired Colonel George Mayne lived at Yanwath, King's Road, Richmond with his brother Colonel George Mayne and sisters Edith Mayne and Ellen Mayne. (Wreath.)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Maxwell: Braddon's son Edward and his wife Maud. (Church and wreath.)
Gerald Maxwell: Braddon's son Gerald Maxwell. (Church and Wreath.)
Mrs. J.B. Maxwell: Alice Maxwell, the widow of Braddon's stepson Jack Maxwell. (Church and Wreath).
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Maxwell: Nicholas Maxwell was one of Braddon's stepsons. (Church.)
Mrs. R. Maxwell: Mrs. R. Maxwell of 6 Palgrave Mansions, Eastbourne was the widow of Braddon's stepson Robert Maxwell. (Wreath.)
Lieutenant W.B. Maxwell and Mrs. W.B. Maxwell: Lieutenant Maxwell of the 10th Battalion of the Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment) was Braddon's son the novelist W.B. Maxwell and his wife was Sydney. (Wreath and church.)
Lady Monckton: A close friend of Braddon's. She was an amateur actress who turned professional. Her most well known role was in a play about Jim the Penman. (Wreath.)
Major Martin Moore: Retired Indian army major Martin James Moore. (Wreath.)
Mrs. Llewelyn Morgan: Mrs. Morgan of Ely House in Wexford, Ireland. (Wreath.)
Miss Mulock: Miss Mulock od St. Helen's, Dublin. (Wreath.)
Mr. and Mrs. D.G. Muller: solicitor Douglas Gage Muller and Lilian Muller (nee Guyon) of 10 Manor Mansions, Belsize Park Gardens. (Wreath.)
Miss Meresia Nevill: Meresia Dorothy Augusta Neville (1849-1918) of 29 Sloane Gardens was the daughter of Braddon's close friend Lady Dorothy Nevill. (Wreath.)
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas and family: probably Major and Mrs. B. Nicholas. (Wreath.)
Rev. A. and Mrs. Welsh Owen: Reverend Arthur Welsh Owen and Constance Owen of The Old Palace Yard, Richmond. (Church and wreath.)
Mrs. H.A. Payne: Mrs. H.A. Payne of Belgrave House in Richmond was Ethel Louise Payne, Mrs. Henry Alfred Handley Payne. In 1916 her son John Annesley Payne married Braddon's granddaughter Mary Braddon Frederica Whitehead Selous. (Wreath.)
Ambrose Porter: the organist. (Church.)
Mrs. Porteous: Margaret Porteous was a widow living at 3 Chisholm Road, Richmond. She was the widow of Charles Porteous and lived with her sister Beatrice Fellowes. (Church and wreath.)
Lady Prendergast and Miss Prendergast: (Church and wreath.)
Miss Roberts: (Church.)
Misses Roberts: The Roberts sisters lived at a house called Fairbain in Richmond. (Wreath.)
Mrs. E. Angus Scaife: Sarah Shindler married railway manager Edward Angus Scaife in 1881. They lived at 14 Carlisle Terrace, The Hoe, Plymouth. (Wreath.)
Mr. and Mrs. Selous: Braddon's daughter Fanny Selous and her husband Edmund Selous. (Church and wreath.)
Misses Selous: The Misses Selous were Braddon's twin granddaughters Mary and Freda Selous. (Wreath from 'Gerald, Mary and Frieda'.)
Mrs. Slocombe: Julia Elizabeth Slocombe(c.1851-1921) lived at Holly Lodge, 34 Sheen Road in Richmond with her mother Julia Maybury and daughter Julia Grace Sewell Slocombe. (Wreath.)
T.H. Smith: T.H. Smith of Messrs. Smith & Brewer). (Church.)
Miss Dorothy Snagge: Dorothy Mary Snagge (1871-1932) of 87 Knightsbridge was the daughter of judge Thomas William Snagge and Maria Frances Snagge. (Wreath.)
Hon. Maude Stanley: Maude Stanley was the daughter of Lord and Lady Stanley of Alderley. (Wreath.)
Rev. T.R.H. Sturges: (Church.)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Taylor: (Wreath.)
Councillor T. Terry, J.P.: the Mayor of Richmond: (Church.)
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Torry: Frederick John Oscar Torry, a member of the London Stock Exchange, and wife Katherine Blanche Torry (nee Clarke) lived at Elm Lodge, Richmond. (Wreath.)
Mrs. Austin Totteridge: (Wreath.)
Sir Herbert Tree: The actor manager Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree. (Wreath.)
Mr. Leo Trevor: Leo Trevor was a long term friend Braddon's sons. He lived at Redholme, Richmond. (Wreath.)
Major General Sir Alfred Turner and Lady Turner: Lady Turner was Juliette Whiting, one of Braddon's closest friends. She and her husband lived at Carlisle House, Chelsea. (Church and wreath.)
Miss Tuttiett: Miss Tuttiett was the author Mary Gleed Tuttiett. She lived at 2 Mount Ararat Road, Richmond. (Wreath.)
Mr. A.S. Watt: A.S. Watt of 82 Boundary-road, St. John's Wood was Braddon's literary agent. (Wreath.)
Mrs. F. Waugh: Florence Waugh, one of Braddon's oldest friends. (Wreath.
M. Westcott: Maud Westcott was the secretary at Lichfield House and worked for Braddon and her son W.B. Maxwell. (Wreath.)
Mr. and Mrs. Whiting: Henry Paul Whiting, a retired coffee broker and Alice Henry Temple Whiting. They were living at Penquite, Avenue Elmers, Surbiton. (Wreath.)
Mr. W. Windsay: (Church.)
Miss Wyndham: probably one of Robert Wyndham's relatives. (Wreath.)

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Jennifer Carnell, The Literary Lives of Mary Elizabeth Braddon (Sensation Press, 2000).



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