The X-Files in Vancouver

Initially, the announcement of the 2016 X Files revival briefly (until I saw it and later the terrible conclusion in 2018) reignited my old feelings of fervour and I was reminded of some photographs I took when I was visiting a good friend in Vancouver some years ago.

X Files pre-release screening of The X-Files: I Want to Believe at the Scotiabank Theatre, Vancouver on 24 July 2008.

Frank Spotnitz

Frank Spotnitz and Chris Carter

Marco Niccoli, who played Christian Fearon in the film.

20th Century Fox production executive Fred Baron.

Fagin Woodcock, who played Franz Tomczeszyn, and companion.

Publicist Phil Parks, Chris Carter and Babz Chula (who played a surgeon).

Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan and City Councillor Elizabeth Ball presenting Chris Carter with a certificate.

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