Victorian Photograph Collection
Jennifer Carnell

This page is a catalogue of some of my collection.
My earliest experience with Victorian photographs was as a child when I was given a box of stereoviews by my grandparents. I began collecting photographs myself some years ago, when I started to collect carte de visites of Victorian actors who had performed with Mary Elizabeth Braddon; this led to me looking at other photographs. I'm still collecting some carte de visites of actors for my theatre book, and I also like identified sitters and 1840s to 1860s photographers (especially William Paine of Islington, who took some of the actor daguerreotypes for John Tallis's engravings, and I hope to write something about him soon)

Daguerreotype Collection

British Daguerreotypes
(Mostly English Daguerreotypes and two Scottish Daguerreotypes)

Tinted Daguerreotype of a Young Man by Martin Laroche (Henry William Silvester)

1840s daguerreotype of Francis Crawshay by Antoine Claudet

Early 1840s daguerreotype of publisher Joseph Leng

1840s quarter plate daguerreotype of an elderly gentleman

Daguerreotype by William Paine of Islington, London, circa 1855

Daguerreotype of an Elderly Lady by Paine of Islington, circa 1853

1850s quarter plate tinted daguerreotype of a lady by Eastham

1850s daguerreotype of a young woman

1850s Daguerreotype and Ambrotype of Thomas Crow

Two 1840s Daguerreotypes for Brooches

American Daguerreotypes

Tinted Daguerreotype of a Little Girl With Red Hair & Her Father

Daguerreotype of a Young Woman by Anson of New York

Ambrotype Collection
British Ambrotypes

Julia McDiarmid, a servant in Greenock in Scotland

1858 Ambrotype by Alexander Grant of Kirkcaldy in Scotland

Scottish Ambrotype of a Surveyor

Ambrotype of a young woman, circa 1856

Ambrotype of Mary Clegg Rusden (1860)

1850s Ambrotype of a Delivery Boy

Half plate ambrotype of Goold Adams by Clarkington, circa 1857

Ambrotype of David Staton, Tailor, with his Shop

Ambrotype of C. Wood, a Milkman, and His Cart

Ambrotypes of the Tomalin Family

1850s Ambrotype of a Woman in a Garden

1850s Ambrotypes of Margarette and Fanny & Great Grandmother Nabb by Eastham of Manchester

1850s Ambrotype of a Trio with Scenic Backdrop

1850s Sixteenth Plate Ambrotype of a Sailor

1859 Half Plate Ambrotype of Ethelinda Hamilton

1880s or 1890s Ambrotype of a Man with a Newspaper

1860 Ambrotype of George Chalker

Ambrotype of a Lady Pedlar or Hawker

Tinted Ambrotype of a Little Boy Dressed as a Sailor by Jacob Thomas

Chadband Family Ambrotypes

Tinted Ambrotype of a Lady, Probably the grandmother of Jeffreys Peebles Murray

Ambrotype of Georgina, Marchioness of Salisbury by Joseph de Mouxy

Tinted Ambrotype of a Railway Worker with a Sky Background

Ambrotype of Clara Wicksteed

Ambrotype of Historian and Farmer Philip Benton

Quarter Plate Ambrotype of a Smiling Woman wearing a Scottish agate brooch

1850s Quarter Plate Ambrotype of Schoolchildren

Paper Prints: Cdvs (Carte de Visite), Cabinet Photographs etc.

An Outing by Robert Douglas of Kirkcaldy

A Cabinet Photo of children at St. Paul's Infants School, Haggerston, London in 1888 by W.G. Overton

Miss Wayne by T.R. Williams

Captain Horne

A Carte de Visite by John Henry Greatrex of Glasgow


James Townsend Saward
(Jim the Penman, my own 'distinguished' ancestor)


The theatre pages have been removed as much of the material is going to be used in my book Mary Elizabeth Braddon and the Victorian Theatre.


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