Victorian Portraits for Sale from The Sensation Press

Laura Adeline Carey and Seymour James Carey, two carte de visites of the Careys as children. (1.) A carte de visite photograph of Laura Adeline Carey (1869-1959) as a baby by Francis Harris Secourable and Barnett. Laura Carey was born in Southend, Essex, the daughter of Arthur Carey, a civil engineer and his wife Elizabeth Skipper. She had siblings called Arthur Reginald Carey and Seymour James Carey, both of who joined the army. She married Alexander Mcdonald Baird in 1902. Inscription on front in ink ‘Laura Adeline Carey & dog Bill 1870'. Good condition. (2.) A carte de visite of Seymour James Carey by Henry J. Godbold of St. Leonards on Sea. In ink on reverse ‘Seymour James Carey April 1880'. Lieutenant Seymour James Carey was born in Kent in 1874. He joined the Suffolk Regiment and was killed at Colesburg in South Africa during the Boer War in 1900. Faded, bottom edge trimmed (not affecting image).
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Mrs. Cregoe Colmore, A carte de visite photograph by P. Skeolan, 12 Promenade Villas, Cheltenham, taken in the early 1860s. Inscribed in ink on reverse ‘Mrs. Cregoe Colmore, Moor End, Cheltenham'. Probably Mary Cregoe Colmore, the wife of Colmore Frind Cregoe Colmore of Moor End, Cheltenham. She is wearing a silk dress and posed with a small dog. Good condition.
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Hannah Landsberg, A carte de visite mourning card photograph Of Hannah Rachel Landsberg (1851-1877), the daughter of Hirsch Landsberg and Rosalie Landsberg. Her father was an Austrian silversmith and jeweller in Oxford Street. She married David Lowe in London in 1876. The card says she was buried in Willesden Cemetery. The photograph is very faded.
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Lieut Alfred Austin, a carte de visite of Lieutenant Alfred Austin (1832-1918), taken when he was a captain in the 1870s, by Asplet and Green, Photographers of 18½ Beresford Street, Jersey. Alfred Austen was born in Tottenham in 1832 and he was the son of Ellen and John Austin. In 1841 he was living with his parents and siblings in Hackney; his siblings included Colonel Theodore Austin of the Madras Staff Corps. Alfred Austin joined the 6th Regiment of Foot (The Royal 1st Warwickshire) and reached the rank of captain in 1861. After his retirement from the army he married Mary Mayer Stevenson of Wolsley House, Cheltenham, the daughter of Elizabeth and Ralph Stevenson (a solicitor). They settled in Cheltenham where lived at Lypiatt Terrace. They had one child, Edward Austin (1889-1941) who was killed in action in Greece when he was a Major in 4th Queen's Own Hussars. Ink caption on separate paper with his name and regiment and in pencil on reverse of picture. Good condition.
Ref. no. 4a Price £45

Janet Hester Younger, Edith Georgina May Younger and Grizel Cochrane Reine Younger, a cabinet photo of the three Younger girls as small children by William Crooke of Princes Street, Edinburgh. Identified in ink on the reverse as 'Hester 9yrs 10months, Eda 6yrs 2months & Grizal Younger 2yrs 7months, July 1889'. The three children were the daughters of Jane Edith Richardson and Henry Johnston Younger of Benmore House, Dunoon and Kilmun, Argyllshire. Henry Johnston Younger was a brewer - William Younger of Edinburgh. Janet Hester Younger was born in London in 1879 and she married Major Arthur James Fitzhugh Cox and had a son called John Anthony Fitzhugh Cox. Eda Georgina May Younger was born in Edinburgh and married Sir William Jardine of Applegirth. Grizel Cochrane Reine Younger was born in Athelstaneford, Haddingtonshire in East Lothian, married a Mr. Dudgeon, and died in Devon in 1961. Good condition.
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James Webber Smith, A carte de visite of James Webber Smith age 22 in India by Howard Bourne and Shepherd. The photograph was taken in about 1868. James Webber Smith was the son of Major General James Webber Smith. He joined the 38th Regiment (Staffordshire) of Foot in the army in 1863 and became a captain in 1870. He was the great uncle of actor David Niven. Identifed in ink on reverse as 'Jim Webber Smith, Simla, aged 22.' Some fading.
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Ormerod Pilkington Baldwin, a carte de visite photograph of Ormerod Pilkington Baldwin by J.M. Connell of 62 Patrick Street, Cork. The photographer credit is handwritten and J.M. Connell was probably the miniature portrait artist John Minton Connell of Cork. The image is hand tinted. Baldwin. Posed is posed wearing a smoking cap and cape and holding a book. Baldwin seems to have been born in Cork but spent some of his life living in Lancashire. Baldwin served as a lieutenant in the volunteer 7th Regiment of Lancashire Militia. In the 1880s he was a magistrate in Suffolk, where he lived at Pippin Park. He was the father of two children, Godfrey William Ainsworth Baldwin who married Gertrude Luddington (the daughter of James Luddington of Audley House, Littleport) and Reginald Ormerod Delanoy (who became a teacher. Baldwin also lived at 31 Kenilworth road, St. Leonards-on-Sea and died at the Meads in Eastbourne. Good condition.
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George Malcolm Douglas, a carte de visite of Lieutenant George Malcolm Douglas by Coutts (formerly Lindley & Warren, altered to Coutts in ink) of Bombay, India. Dressed in India summer uniform and holding a gun. Identified in ink on reverse as ‘G. Douglas Lieut 33rd Regt.' Major George Malcolm Douglas (1840-1885) was born in Wickham, Hampshire. He was the son of barrister William Henry Douglas. Douglas joined the Duke of Wellington's 33rd Regiment as an ensign in 1859 and became a lieutenant in 1863. In 1864 he was an instructor of musketry. In 1869 he married Jemima Jamieson in Glasgow. Douglas retired as a major and spent the rest of his life living at Rosehill in Northam, Devon. His only child, Sholto William Douglas (1870-1959) was a major in the army, became the Chief Constable of the Metropolitan Police, and married Grace Catherine Wolfe Murray. A couple of marks, good condition.
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Charles Stephen Leslie, two carte de visite photographs of Charles Stephen Leslie of Petternear House, Balquhain Castle, Aberdeenshire by R. Brown of 8 West High Street, Inverurie, Scotland. The first shows Leslie smoking a pipe and wearing a kilt and tartan socks. The second shows Stephen, his young son sitting on a pony and two gillies. One gillie has a dirk and a shotgun. Charles Stephen Leslie (1832-1916), of the Clan Leslie, was a Scottish landowner. Good condition.
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Joseph and Elizabeth Winterhoff, a real photo postcard of Joseph Winterhoff and his wife Elizabeth, posted on 23 December 1903 to Mr. and Mrs. Martin Holloway, 20 Medora Road, Elm Park, Brixton Hill, London. The message reads 'With best wishes for health and happiness to you both and hoping you will spend a happy Xmas, from Joe & Elizabeth Winterhoff, Xmas 1903'. Joseph Winterhoff (c.1873-19) was born in Germany and was the son of Louise and Frederick Winterhoff. He grew up in Claines, Worcestershire. In 1901 the Winterhoffs were living in Walthamstow, London at 100 Albert Road and Joseph was working as a mechanical engineer. A few marks to card.
Price £30 Ref. no. 10a

Sir Henry Jourdain and Lady Jourdain, two carte de visite photographs by Treble of Hastings. Henry John Jourdain (1835-1901) was the son of London merchant Frederick Jourdain and was a banker and East India merchant. He worked in Mauritius for some time and was chairman of Blyth, Greene, Jourdain and Company. His first wife, pictured here, was Rosina Augusta Bourguignon (c.1838-1880). Good condition.
Ref. no. 11a Price £80

John Francis Erskine Goodeve, later known as John Francis Goodeve-Erskine the 27th Earl of Mar. A carte de visite of John Francis Erskine Goodeve (1836-1930) by the London School of Photography and taken at about the the time he originally succeeded to the title in 1866. The picture shows him in traditional Scottish dress and he is identified in pencil on the reverse. Born in Bristol, he was the son of surgeon William James Goodeve and Lady Frances Jemima Erskine. His sisters were Charlotte Erskine Goodeve, Eliza Philadelphia Erskine Goodeve and Madelina Erskine Goodeve Erskine and he had half siblings from his father's subsequent marriage. After a long fight he was legally confirmed as the 27th Earl in 1885. He married Alice Mary Sinclair Hamilton in 1866 and their son, John Francis Hamilton Sinclair Cunliffe Brookes Forbes Goodeve-Erskine, became the 28th Earl. Loss to top right corner where it has been burnt.
Ref. no. 12a Price £35

Eric William Mayers, a carte de visite photograph of Eric William Mayers age about four by Edgar Scamell, Photographer, 120 Crouch Hill, London. In ink on reverse ‘Eric William Mayers Dec. 28th 1893 July 28th 1955'. Eric Mayers was the son of James C. and Martha Mayers. As a child he lived in Hornsey. He served in the First World War and married Catherine Elaine Evans in 1923. He worked as a glass manufacturer. Good condition.
Ref. no. 13a Price £45

William Robertson Sandbach, a carte de visite of William Robertson Sandbach (1813-1891) by William and Bridge of 63a Baker Street, London. Identified in ink on reverse with birth and death dates ‘William Robertson Sanbach B. 7.3.1813 D. 25.9.189'. Sandbach was born in Liverpool and was the son of West India merchant Samuel Sandbach and Elizabeth Sandbach (nee Robertson). William Sandbach became a West India merchant, ship owner and owner of land in Demerara. He married Baroness Sara Maria Van Capellen, the lady in waiting of Queen Sophie of the Netherlands; Sara was the daughter of Dutch Admiral Theodorus Frederic Van Capellan. After Sandbach's marriage he lived at Princes Gate, Hyde Park. He was a wealthy man and the executors of his estate were his nephews Alfred Traill Parker and Gilbert Robertson Sandbach. Good condition.
Ref. no. 14a Price £45

William Stevens Paine Smith, Thomas Stevens Smith, Priscilla Jane England, Walter Thomas Smith, Florence Louisa Smith and Lena Florence Hovington, 6 carte de visite photographs from the Smith, England and Hovington familys. Each picture is identified in ink on the reverse by the same hand with details of birth/death etc.
1. William Stevens Paine Smith (1846-1916) by F.W. Evans of 245 Old Kent Road, London. He and his brother Thomas (see 2.) were butchers born in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and were the sons of Thomas Smith and Elizabeth Stevens. He married Sarah Jane Fisher in 1869 and they had children called Frank Edward F. Smith (1870), Selina Alice Smith (1873-1953; married Joseph Rogers), Sarah Jane Smith (1877), Millicent Maud Smith (1878), William Walter Smith (1880), William Walter Smith (1880), Nancy Fisher Smith (1885-1957; married Frederick Valentine Jenns), Kate Eleanor Mary Smith (1887), Martha Louisa Smith (1889; married Archibald Gransby Hawkins), Fred James Smith (born 1890) and Young Tom Smith (1892 - 1964; a butcher).
2. Thomas Stevens Smith (1847-1926) married Priscilla Jane England in 1870. He became a butcher in Camberwell where he lived with his wife and children at 4 Neate Street.
3. Priscilla Jane England later Smith (1850-1895) was born in Aylesbury and was the daughter of coal mercgant William Charles England and Priscilla.
4. Walter Thomas Smith (1875-19?) as a toddler by F.W. Evans. He became a butcher and probably married Emily.
5. Florence Louisa Smith (1873-19?) as a child by R.R. Willson of Walworth.
6. Walter Thomas Smith, Florence Louisa Smith, Lena Florence Hovington by R.R. Willson of Walworth. Lena Hovington (1881-?) was the cousin of Walter and Florence and she was the daughter of bricklayer Harry George Hovington and Kate England. She married Claud Cecil Nevill in Walworth in 1904.
Good condition.
Ref. no. 15a Price £70

Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler, Edith Henrietta Fowler, Ellen Thorneycroft and Henry Ernest Fowler, eight carte de visite photographs of the novelist Ellen Thorneycroft (1860-1929) as a child and teenager - including two with her sister Edith, one with her mother Ellen and one with her brother Henry. Rare.
1. Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler age 3 taken c.1863 by W.H. Dodds, Photographer, Wolverhampton. She is with a tiny white dog. She was the daughter of Henry Hartley Fowler (1830-1911) the first Viscount Wolverhampton & Ellen Thorneycroft.
2. Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler aged about 6, with her mother Ellen Fowler (nee Thorneycroft, later Viscountess Wolverhampton) and baby sister the novelist Edith Henrietta Fowler (1865-1944; married William Robert Hamilton and had sons called Gavin Robert Fowler Hamilton & Henry Fowler Hew Hamilton). Photograph by Mrs. Williams, 42 Darlington Street, Wolverhampton.
3. Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler aged about 7 c.1867 by Mrs Williams, 42 Darlington Street, Wolverhampton.
4. Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler age 10 taken in 1870 by Mrs. Williams, Talbot Place, Darlington Street, Wolverhampton.
5. Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler age 12 taken in 1872 by Mrs. Williams, Talbot Place, Darlington Street, Wolverhampton.
6. Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler age 15 with her sister Edith Henrietta Fowler and brother Henry Ernest Fowler (1870-1943; later 2nd Viscount Wolverhampton, married Evelyn Henrietta Wrottesley the daughter of Arthur Wrottesley). Taken in 1875 by Sarony, Sarony Square, Scarborough.
7. Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler taken in 1877 by Mrs. Williams, Talbot Place, Darlington Street, Wolverhampton.
8. Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler dressed, probably as a bridesmaid, c.1890, by the London Stereoscopic Company, 110 & 108 Regent Street & 54 Cheapside.
Rare family photos. Some aging and marks to some images; mostly good condition.
Ref. no. 16a Price £150

Gracilla Boddington, a carte de visite photograph of Gracilla Boddington (1801-1887) by W. Cox of 13 Bridge Street, Northampton. Gracilla Boddington was born in Hawkshead, Lancashire and was the daughter of Grace Ashburner (the former wife of Irish politician Samuel Boddington) and Benjamin Boddington (who stood trial for 'stealing' his cousin's wife). The family wealth came from the South Sea Company. In 1871 she was living at Burcher Cottage in Titley, Herefordshire. Gracilla Boddington was the author of a number of religious books. The executor of her estate was her nephew Reginal Stewart Boddington. A few marks to image, but a rare item.
Ref. no. 17a Price £45

Captain Thomas Mackenzie, a carte de visite photograph of Captain Thomas Mackenzie (born c.1837) of the 78th Highlanders by G.W. Wilson of Aberdeen. Thomas Mackenzie was the son of Forbes Mackenzie of Ross-shire, Scotland and joined the 78th Highland Regiment of Foot in 1858. In 1861 he was stationed at Edinburgh Castle. He became a captain in 1863, about the time this photograph was taken. Good condition.
Ref. no. 18a Price £45

Sir Thomas Newby Reeve and Lady Frances Ann Reeve, two carte de visites by Charles Combes of Brighton. Thomas Newby Reeve (c.1794-1868) married Frances Ann Catling (1788-1868) n Norwood in 1818. They had children called Charles, Elizabeth, Anna Maria, Frances Mary Reeve, Louisa Reeve, Thomas Catling Reeve and Emily Reeve. The family lived at Kew Lodge in Kew House Road, Richmond and Reeve was a local magistrate. Age marks and fading, corner crease to Sir Thomas (not affecting image)
Order Ref. no. 19a Price £80


Lieutenant Colonel Howorth, a carte de visite photograph of Lieut. Col. Richard Howorth (c.1801-1872) by Sarony of Scarborough. Howorth had served in the Royal Engineers, joining in 1825. He was born in Ipswich and died in France. He saw action in Canada during the Rebellion of 1837 and 1838 and 1839 and was awarded a medal during the Kaffir War of 1846. In 1851 he was living with his mother Elizabeth, a landed proprietor, in Ipswich. He left his estate to his brother the Reverend William Howorth, the vicar of Whitton, Ipswich, Suffolk. His nephew Richard Fletcher Armytage became an army chaplain. Good condition.
Ref. no. 20a Price £45

Elizabeth Adelaide Manning, a cabinet photograph of Elizabeth Adelaide Manning by Byrne & Co. of Richmond. Elizabeth Adelaide Manning (1828-1905) was born in the Bloomsbury or St. Pancras area of London. Her parents were the barrister James Manning and Clarissa Palmer. After her father's death in Elizabeth was independently wealthy as a landowner and investor in the railways. In 1891 one of her guests at her house was an Indian medical student from Bombay and one of her great interests was India; she was was a founder member of the National Indian Association and was the editor of the Association's journal, later known as the Indian Magazine and Review. She left a large estate when she died and probate was granted to Henry Drake, Charles William Townsend and Charles Steele Murchison. She was buried in Norwood Cemetery. Identified in ink as 'Elizabeth Adelaide Manning' on the reverse. Good condition.
Ref. no. 21a Price £45

Eleanor Slater, a carte de visite of governess Eleanor Slater by W. Clayton of Long Row, Nottingham. Identified in pencil on reverse as ‘Miss Eleanor Slater our English governess'. Eleanor Slater (1818-1879) was born in St. Peter's, Nottingham and was the daughter of Thomas and Martha Slater (nee Beardsley). She had a number of siblings, including her sister Elizabeth Slater, with who she sometimes lived, wine merchant Samuel Beardsley Slater and Jane Slater. She died on 10 February 1879 at 1 Arboretum Terrace, Goldsmith Street, Nottingham. Good condition.
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Ref. no. 23a SOLD

Charles Faulkner Glass, a carte de visite of Lieutenant Charles Faulkner Glass by Rustumjee Jamsetjee of Poona, India. Identified in ink on reverse ‘Charles Glass Lieut R.A. 1866'. Charles Faulkner Glass (c.1841-1883) was born in India. He was the son of Harriett and Henry Harrington Glass and his father worked for the East India Company in the Bombay Civil Service. Charles Glass attended the Royal Indian Military College, Addiscombe and became a lieutenant in the Royal Engineers in 1859. In 1879 he became a major. Major Charles Faulkner Glass died in India in 1883. His widow Fanny moved back to England and they had at least two daughters, Ethel Mabel Glass (born in Kirkee, India) and Hilda M. Glass. Good condition.
Price £45 Ref. no. 24a

Alice Mary Lindberg and Olga Florence Annie Lindberg, a cabinet photograph of Alice Mary Lindberg and Olga Florence Annie Lindberg as children by W.P. Glaisby of Spurriergate, York. Identified in ink on the reverse as ‘Alice Mary Lindberg, one year 10 months old. Olga Florence Annie Lindberg, seven months.' The two girls were the daughters of Major Thomas Henry Lindberg of the 3rd Northumberland Fusileers and Mary Florence Lindberg (nee Hargrove). In 1911 they were living with their parents, sister Mary Hilda Lindberg (married Hugo Erskine Everard) and brother Oscar Henry Lindberg, at Acomb House in York, Yorkshire and Olga Lindberg (1885-1951) was now a writer; she was the author of Fairies From Flowerland (1915). Alice Lindberg (c.1884-1947) married civil engineer Cuthbert Addison Fenwick (1890-1947, the son of clergyman Cecil Owen Meynell and Evelyn Meynell. Good condition.
Ref. no. 25a Price £45

Wallace William Benson, a carte de visite photograph of Captain Wallace William Benson by Rustumjee Jamsetjee of Poona, India. Identified in ink on reverse as ‘Wallace Benson Capt R.A. 1866'. Wallace William Benson (c.1839-1868) was the son of Major William Benson of the 4th Bengal Cavalry. He attended the East India Company's Military College at Addiscombe and became a lieutenant in the Royal Artillery. He became a captain in 1865. In 1867, at Bombay Cathedral, he married Emily Ross, the daughter of Colonel William Anderson of the Bengal Native Infantry, Commandant of the Jhodpoor Legion and Political Agent in Rajpootana. Benson drowned in 1868 at the age of 29, on a voyage from Bombay to Abyssinia. Good condition.
Ref. no. 26a Price £45

William Arthur Warner Sleigh, Emma Alice Sleigh and their baby daughter Emma Warner Sleigh, a carte de visite by Mayall of Brighton. Inscribed in ink on the reverse 'With Mr. & Mrs. Warner Sleigh's kindest regards 2nd September 1870' and on the front 'The Happy Family of Warner Sleigh'. It has to be said Mrs. Sleigh does not look very happy. William Arthur Warner Sleigh (1843-1881) was the son of top barrister William Campbell Sleigh and Amelia Warner. He followed his father into the law in 1864 and was immediately given important cases; through illness, in later years, he was often unable to appear in court cases for which he had been employed. He was described as clever but always in trouble. Nor did he prove to be a good husband; married three times, his first two marriages ended in divorce and he died on the way to America where he planned to make a new start. Emma Alice Bignell (1847-1893) was Warner's second wife and they married in 1869; she was the daughter of Robert Richard Bignell a wine merchant and the owner of the music hall the Argyll Rooms. Emma divorced Sleigh in 1877 and in 1878 married solictor Charles John Curtis; after Curtis's death she married Edward Chapman. Emma Warner Sleigh (1870-1929) married engineer Ernest Matthew Lacey in 1888 and later, and at the time of her death, she was living with engineer Stamford Vair Clirehugh; she had children called Robert Markswell Lacey, Ernest Frank Sleigh Lacey, Frank Philip Sleigh Lacey, Ernest Vair Sleigh Lacey and William Warner Sleigh Lacey. Good condition - but note the baby's face cannot be seen very clearly.
Ref. no. 27a Price £45

Evelyn Hamilton Gifford, a carte de visite photograph taken in about 1880 of Evelyn Hamilton Gifford (1876-1920) by T. Fall of London. Evelyn Gifford was born in Much Hadham, Hertfordshire and was the daughter of the Reverend Edwin Hamilton Gifford and Margaret Symons Jeune. Evelyn was a cousin of Emma Gifford, the wife of Thomas Hardy and Evelyn's father Edwin conducted the marriage between Emma Gifford and Thomas Hardy. Evelyn remained close to the Hardys. Evelyn is posed with a doll and a cuddly toy. Some fading and a small nick to blank area of photo.
Ref. no. 28a Price £35

Ebenezer John Hatchell, a carte de visite photograph, taken in about 1862, of Ebenezer John Hatchell (c.1835-1881) by Chancellor of Dublin, Ireland. At the time it was taken he was Assistant Surgeon in the 60th Rifles. He was the son of Emily and Ebenezer Hore Hatchell of Dublin. He became a doctor in 1856. He served in the army in India and Dublin and joined the 60th Rifles in 1859. Good condition.
Ref. no. 29a Price £45

Colonel James Conolly, A small photograph of Colonel James Conolly (1818-1885) in Montreal, circa 1861, by an unknown photographer. Captioned Colonel Conolly, D.A.G. (Deputy Adjutant General), Montreal. When I bought it, it was said the photograph was originally in an album of military families stationed in Canada during the 1860s. In earlier years Conolly had served with distinction in the Crimean War and later achieved the rank of Lieutenant General James Conolly. He was born in Naples, Italy. Later he was a military attache. His Crimea medals were sold at Spink in 2009. Good condition.
Ref. no. 30a Price £45

Edward Footner, a carte de visite of Dr. Edward Footner by Southwell Brothers of London. Identified in ink on reverse ‘Dr. Edward Footner 72nd Highlanders'. Edward Footner (1836-1913) was born in Romsey, Hampshire. He was the son of Jane and George Footner and his father was a solicitor in Romsey. In 1858 he was admitted to the Royal College of Surgeons and he became an army surgeon. In 1863 he joined the 72nd Foot Regiment and in 1871 he transferred to the 91st Highlanders. He became surgeon major in 1876 and served, and received a medal with clasp, in the Afghan war of 1878-80 and was present at the action in Ahmed Kheyl and Urzoo. He retired in 1885. On his return to England he spent time in Tunbridge Wells with his doctor nephew John Bulkley Footner, the son of his brother George Bright Footner. Edward Footner died in Southend in 1913. Good condition.
Ref. no. 31a Price £45

Captain Lennox Peel, a photograph of Cecil Lennox Peel by William Notman of Montreal, Canada. The image is no longer on its original carte de visite card but is on album card, and has been cut out from the album a long time ago. It was taken in about 1863. Cecil Lennox Peel (1830-1910) was in the Scots Fusilier Guards. He was the son of Lady Jane Lennox and Lawrence Peel and married Caroline Susan Mary Cotton, the daughter of Wellington Henry Stapleton-Cotton, Viscount Combermere, in 1867. His children were Alice Jane Lennox Peel and Cecil Hester Lennox Peel (married Leicester Morgan Reed). Good condition.
Ref. no. 32a Price £45

Marion Emmeline Delacombe and Harry Delacombe, a carte de visite of Marion Emmeline Delacombe (1863-c.1950) and Harry Delacombethe (c.1872-1959) age 17 and 8 by W. Price, The Babington Photographic Studio, Babington Lane, Derby. Marion was born in Woolwich in 1863 and Harry was born on the island of San Juan in Columbia. They were the children of Captain William Addis Delacombe of the Royal Marines and Isabella Ann Harris. In 1881 they were living at Little Over Hill, Normanton, Derbyshire, where their father William was Chief Constable of Derby, with their parents and sister Isabella Fanny Delacombe (married Kenneth Hugh Buchanan) and brother William Barclay Delacombe (he became an auctioneer and married Virginia Jessopp). Harry became a journalist in London and married Julia Annie Towers Smith, the widow of Thomas Edmund Oddie and they had a son called Roy Delacombe. Identified in ink on reverse ‘M.E. Delacombe, Harry Delecombe September 1880'. Good condition.
Ref. no. 33a Price £45

Emma Julia Noakes, a carte de visite photograph of Emma Jane Noakes by an unknown photographer. It was taken in 1866. Emma Julia Noakes (1835-1891) lived in Islington.
Ref. no. 34a Price £30

Samuel Vale, a carte de visite of Samuel Vale (1802-1888) by Netterville Briggs of 18 Upper Parade, Leamington. Identified in pencil on reverse as ‘Samuel Vale esquire'. Samuel Vale was born in Coventry, the son of Mary and Samuel Vale; his father was a well-known watchmaker. Samuel Vale became a solicitor and was articled to attorney John Carter in Coventry in 1818. In 1843 he married Charlotte Ryley, the daughter of watchmaker John Ryley. After she died he married Sarah Bennett in Daventry, the daughter of Thomas Bennett of Flecknoe, Warwickshire. As well as being a solicitor, Vale was a property owner, magistrate and a director of the Coventry Union Bank. For much of his life, and until his death he lived at 29 Warwick Row in Coventry. Good condition.
Ref. no. 35a Price £45

Edwin Charles Scobell, a carte de visite of Edwin Charles Scobell by E.C. Bind, Photographer, Dungarvan Buildings, Frome. Identified in ink on reverse as 'Edwin C. Scobell, Oct 22nd. 1862.' Edwin Charles Scobell (c.1838-1879) was the son of Edwin Scobell and Georgianna Mary Cockburn Ross of Goodameavy House, Devon. He became an ensign in the 1st regiment Royal Cornwall Rangers in 1855 and became a captain in this militia in 1861. In 1863 he married Marianne Elizabeth Peel, daughter of Robert John Peel of Burton on Trent, at Kilmersdon church. Edwin Charles Scobell eldest son of Edwin Scobell of Goodameavy House, Devon to Marianne Elizabeth Peel daughter of late Robert John Peel of Burton on Trent. He died at Kynastone, Ross, Herefordshire in 1879. Good condition.
Ref. no. 36a Price £45

Letitia Mabel Lee, a carte de visite photograph of Letitia Mabel Lee (1869-1939) and her mother by Walter and Son, the Photographic Institute, Hawley Street, Margate. Inscribed in ink on the reverse 'Letitia Mabel Lee age 11 months'. Letitia Mabel Lee was born in Putney in 1869, the daughter of Sydney William Lee and Letitia Frances Lee. Her father was an architect. She married Alfred Frederic Roe, the artist and author Fred Roe, in Putney in 1890. Their son, the writer Frederic Gordon Roe, was born in 1894. Very good condition.
Ref. no. 37a Price £45

Ref. no. 38a SOLD

Lieut. James William Graves, a carte de visite Cdv by Robinson & Sons of Dublin. Inscribed in ink on reverse ‘To Jane Graham with ? Grave's fondest love. Cape Coast Castle, West Coast Africa, 26th July 75'. Also noted in pencil on the reverse are the words ‘1st man shot in the Ashanti War'. The name on the autograph looks like it could read 'Harry' but this man must surely be Lieut. James William Graves who was in the 18th Royal Irish Regiment. In Hart's Army List for 1875 it is noted ‘Lieut. Graves accompanied Sir Garnet Wolseley to the Gold Coast in September 1873 on special service, and served throughout the Ashanti War of 1873-74. Commanded a portion of the Essaman and taking of the villages along the Coast; present at Quarman 31st January, having been attacked while escorting ammunition to the front; also present at the capture and destruction of Becquah, battle of Ordahsu and capture of Coomassie (twice mentioned in despatches, Medal with Clasp). In a newspaper article titled ‘The Ashantee Expedition' in 1873 it mentions the men with Garnet Wolseley as 'Lieuts Graves and Woodgate - all Special Service Officers' and ‘The first shot was fired at Lieut. Graves, and lodged in his gaiter'. A lttle foxed on edges, good condition.
Ref. no. 39a Price £45

O'Neil and McCausland, a carte de visite of two army officers by W. Porter of Fleetwood. A couple of small nicks to bottom edge of photo, otherwise very good condition.
Ref. no. 40a Price £30

Olive Dutton Green, a Cabinet photograph of Olive Dutton Green as a girl by Window and Grove of Baker Street, London. Identified in pencil on reverse as ‘Olive Dutton Green aged 13 years' Olive Dutton Green (1878-1930) was an artist, the daughter of George Dutton Green and Constance Dutton Green of Adelaide, Australia. Her sister Evelyn also moved to Britain and married Gordon Cavenagh Mainwaring and another sister married A.M. Morgan of Adelaide. She died in London in 1930. A couple of small marks, good condition.
Ref. no. 41a Price £35

Sergeant Heap and Sergeant Butterworth of the Scots Fusilier Guards, a carte de visite sized photographed mounted on album card. As I bought this originally with other photos clearly from the same album, and which were marked as being taken in Montreal, Canada in about 1862, this probably was too. The two soldiers are posed with their Canadian snow shoes. Annotated in ink at the bottom 'Sergeant Heap, Sergeant Butterworth Scots Fusilier Guards'. Has an odd crackling effect over the picture almost like varnish.
Ref. no. 42a Price £30

Ellen Sarah Tyrie, a carte de visite of Ellen Sarah Tyrie by Russell Sedgfield of Norbiton, Kingston-on-Thames. Ellen Sarah Tyrie (1833-1909) was born in Stamford Hill, Middlesex, the daughter of David Tyrie and Elizabeth Julia Tyrie. David Tyrie was a stockbroker and as well as Ellen had children called James Edward Tyrie, Elizabeth Emma Tyrie, John Richard Tyrie, David Charles Tyrie (married Louise Meyer) and Amelia Ana Tyrie (married Edward Andrew Laumann). In 1851 the family were living at the Mount, Norwood. After her father's death, Ellen went to live in Kingston with her sister and their stepmother. She died at her home Ashdown Lodge in Crowborough in 1909. Identified as Ellen Tyrie in pencil on the reverse. Good condition.
Ref. no. 43a Price £35

Ref. no. 44a SOLD

Sir Joseph and Lady Maria Bazalgette, Charles Norman Bazalgette, Willoughby Bazalgette, three photographs of Joseph Bazalgette and two of his sons. 1. cabinet photo of Sir Joseph Bazalgette and his wife Maria Bazalgette by Byrne & co. of Richmond. It belonged to relative Matilda Annette Bazalgette (Mrs. Bicknell) and then her daughter Zoe Napier Bicknel (see next two items). An ink note on the back by Mrs. Bicknell reordering a copy ‘Only the gentleman's portrait, c/o Mrs. Bicknell, 11 Park School, Windsor, Berkshire'. 2. A carte de visite photograph of Charles Norman Bazalgette (1847-1888) as a barrister by Elliott & Fry. He married Ethel Mary and died young. 3. Cabinet photo of Willoughby Bazalgette (1857-1900) by Russell & Sons of Wimbledon. Possibly signed by him on the reverse. He married in 1895 and also died young. Good condition. See the next item for pictures from the same family.
Ref. no. 45a Price £110

Ref. no. 46a Price SOLD

Zoe Napier Bicknell, three carte de visites of Zoe Napier Bicknell as a child by the Binographic Portrait Company, Bournemouth, Elliott and Fry, and C. Hawkins of the Brighton School of Photography. Zoe Matilda Napier Bicknell (1866-1947) was the daughter of Cecil Dermer Bicknell and Matilda Annette Bazalgette. She married Alexander West in 1898 and died in the Hove area in 1947. Corners of card clipped on third photo, foxing to the first photo, otherwise good condition.
Ref. no. 47a Price £80

Charlotte Still Dashwood later Charlotte Still Durant (Mrs. Richard Durant), a carte de visite photograph of Charlotte Still Durant (Mrs. Richard Durant) by Hennah & Kent, 108 King's Road, Brighton. Charlotte Still Dashwood (1828-1863) was born in London and she was the daughter of army major Alexander Wilton Dashwood (later a Lieutenant Colonel) and Marian Dashwood. In 1856 she married silk broker Richard Durant. In 1861, at about the time this photograph was taken, she was living with her husband, children and sister-in-law Emily Durant in the Old Steine area of Brighton. She died in 1863. Her children were Mary Elizabeth Durant, Louisa Blanche Durant, Charlotte Agnes Durant (married land agent Charles Alfred Parker), Richard Durant (died young) and Anna Maria Durant. Some age mottling to background, good condition.
Ref. no. 48a Price £45

Captain Alexander Peebles, three carte de visite photographs of Alexander Peebles in uniform by the London School of Photography. One of the photographs is autographed 'yrs truly Alexander Peebles, Captain C. Battery L.A.B'. L.A.B. stands for London Artillery Brigade, also known as the 1st London Artillery Corps. Peebles became captain in 1869 and resigned his commission in 1872. Alexander Marshall Peebles was born in Scotland (c.1840-1891), the son of Alexander Marshall Peebles and Euphemia Peebles, and he grew up in Lambeth where his father was a paper merchant. He became an architect and architect to the City of London and married Emily Louisa Maclure in 1876. Good condition.
Ref. no. 49a Price £80

J. & T. Wright, a carte de visite photograph by R. Oldham of Preston, Lancashire of a man and pressing machine. Ink inscription on the reverse, ‘With J. & T. Wrights compliments, Platt Bridge. New pressing machine.' The man is probably Mr. J. or Mr. T. Wright. Thomas Wright was an engineer. Good condition.
Ref. no. 50a Price £45

Lord Abinger, three carte de visite photographs of Lord Abinger, two by E.J. Palmer of Toronto and one by Southwell Brothers of London. The first is of him and his wife Lady Abinger, the second him alone, and the third is of Lord and Lady Abinger and Mrs. Hayward. Mrs. Hayward looks very like Lady Abinger and so it is likely they are sisters. The Southwell Brothers picture once belonged to Mr. Stevenson in Montreal in 1864. Good condition.
Ref. no. 51a Price £80

George Langton Hodgkinson, a photograph of George Langton Hodgkinson (1837-1915), taken in 1857 when he was a student at Pembroke College, Oxford. He was a talented cricketer, and while a vicar was the founder of Gainsborough Trinity Football Club in Lincolnshire. Mounted on old album paper. Good condition.
Ref. no. 52a Price £45

John Eden Duncombe Shafto and Robert Charles Eden, a photograph of John Eden Duncombe Shafto (c.1836-1882) and Robert Charles Eden (1836-1907), taken in 1857 when they were students at Christ Church and Oriel College, Oxford. Shafto became a barrister. Eden joined the American army, fought in the Civil War and achieved the rank of Colonel; he died in Bloomfield, New Jersey. Mounted on old album paper. For another photo of Eden see below. Good condition.
Ref. no. 53a Price £45

Pownoll William Phipps and Robert Charles Eden, a photograph of Pownoll William Phipps (c.1836-1903) and Robert Charles Eden (1836-1907), taken when they were students at Pembroke College and Oriel College, Oxford in 1857. The photograph is of a rowing crew team, and of the five men only Phipps and Eden are identified. Bow, Stroke and Coxswain are listed. Phipps became a vicar and Eden went to America. Mounted on old album paper. Faded and a few marks, but good condition.
Ref. no. 54a Price £45

William More Molyneux, a photograph of William More Molyneux (c.1835-1907), taken when he was a student at Pembroke College, Oxford in about 1857. William More Molyneux was the son of James More Molyneux of Brightwell, Oxford. He attended Rugby School and went to Pembroke College in 1854, and was awarded a B.A. in 1857 and an M.A. in 1865. He later studied for the law at Middle Temple, worked at the House of Commons and lived at Loseley in Surrey. Mounted on old album paper, captioned in ink W. More Molyneux. Good condition.
Ref. no. 55a Price £45

Alfred James Coleridge, a photograph of the Reverend Alfred James Coleridge (c.1832-1880), taken when he was a student at Oxford in 1857. He became a vicar in Bedfordshire. Mounted on old album paper. Good condition.
Ref. no. 56a Price £45

Charles Paine Paul, a photograph of Charles Paine Pauli (1836-1897) taken when he was at student at Pembroke College, Oxford in 1857. He was a friend of the author Samuel Butler and became a barrister. Probably signed by Pauli. Mounted on old album paper, tear to the paper edge, photo fine. Good condition.
Ref. no. 57a Price £45

T.B. Hardy, two cabinet card photographs of the Victorian seascape and marine artist Thomas Bush Hardy (1842-1897). The first shows him as a young man in a suit of armour, and was taken by Rowland Taylor, identified in old pencil on the reverse 'T.B. Hardy artist'; the second shows him when he is much older and is by Disderi of London - identified in old pencil on reverse 'T.B. Hardy' and a different hand in pencil 'seascapes ex. 1870-1893'. Some pencil retouching to the hair on the second picture. Some aging, good condition.
Ref. no. 58a Price £80

Pauline Makins, a cabinet photograph of Pauline Makins as a child dressed in a fairy costume by G. and R. Lavis of Eastbourne, and a large mezzo tint photograph (probably taken at the time of her wedding) by Lafayette. Pauline Makins (1879-1956) was the daughter of barrister Henry Francis Makins and Kezia Elizabeth Makins Hunt. She married Nigel Christopher Walsh (1867-1904), the son of Arthur Walsh, the 2nd Baron Ormathwaite in 1904. The cabinet photo is faded. Unfortunately, when I bought these a few years ago, the person I bought the photos from packed them badly and the Lafayette photo was creased down the middle; also included with the pair is a Lafayette matching portrait which I believe to be Pauline's husband - this was very badly creased and damaged in the post when it was originally sent to me.
Ref. no. 59a Price £45

Ref. no. 60a SOLD

Dudley Charles Fitzgerald, 24th Baron de Ros, photograph of Dudley Charles Fitzgerald, 24th Baron de Ros (1827-1907). Colonel de Ros was a keen photographer and took a number of early photographs of the Royal family when he was equerry to Prince Albert. The photograph has an ink stamp on the reverse belonging to Fradelle & Young, Photographs, 283 Regent Street, and was clearly supplied to a newspaper or magazine, as pencil annotations on the reverse indicate it was to be cropped for publication to show ‘oval head & bust.' Caption on reverse written in ink reads ‘Maj-General Lord de Ros has been gazetted Colonel of the 1st Life Guards, succeeding the late Field-Marshal his Highness Prince Edward of Saxe-Weimar'. A glossy print with some creases.
Ref. no. 61a Price £30

Le Havre May 1874, a group of British militia soldiers in Le Havre. They are from different regiments and militias and some have medals and guns. Pencil annotations identify some of the men as: Shaw of the London Scottish Regiment, Clapham of Essex, Hart of Lincoln, E. Langer President of the Havre Shooting Club, Colonel Gourley M.P. (this is Edward Temperley Gourley (1826-1902), who was the M.P. for Sunderland and a Colonel in the 1st Durham Militia), Alderman Gould (there was a Frederick Gould who was an alderman and mayor in Kingston, Surrey), Captain Story and W.A. Rowe. On the reverse is a very attractive street scene of shops in Caen, Normandy. Good condition.
Ref. no. 62a Price £45

Henry Shaw Whalley, a cabinet photograph of Henry Shaw Whalley by Atkinson of Chester. Signed in ink ‘Henry S. Whalley, Captn 1st C.V.R.E. Happy New Year 1895'. Henry Shaw Whalley (1858-1904) was a land agent and surveyor, but was also a second lieutent and later Captain in the local 1st Cheshire Royal Engineers. The photograph shows him posed in his Royal Engineers uniform. He was born in Great Mollington, Cheshire and was the son of John Whalley (c.1827-c.1903) and Hannah Maria Whalley (c.1837-1907) and had siblings called John Davies Whalley, Mary HannahWhalley, Sarah Alice Whalley, Anne Priscilla Whalley, Frederick Herbert Whalley, Fanny Gertrude Whalley, Samuel Davies Whalley and Arthur Francis Whalley. He married Henrietta Humphreys (also known as Harriett Whalley died 1954 as Harriett Whalley born c.1863 died Newton Abbott), the daughter of Thomas Humphreys, in Bolton, Lancashire in 1895. Henry and Henrietta had five children, four of whom were: Winifred Sybil Whalley (married Arthur Brumby Cannon), John Foryd Whalley, Victor Hamilton Whalley and Cecil Hubert Whalley. Good condition.
Ref. no. 63a Price £45

Rowland Henry Rawlinson and Frederick Haswell Rawlinson, a carte de visite photograph of twin brothers by Charles P. Richards of Dragley Beck Lane, Ulverston. Ink inscription on reverse ‘Roland Henry and Frederick Haswell Rawlinson aged 2 yrs & 2 months 18th October 1891'. The Rawlinson twins were born in Hackney in 1889, the sons of William Henry Rawlinson and Charlotte Rawlinson. Good condition.
Ref. no. 64a Price £45

Marian Eliza Clementson, a carte de visite by J.C. Stodart, Art Photographer, Margate. Marian Eliza Clementson (c.1856-1947) was born in Portugal, the daughter of wine importer and merchant Edwin John Clementson and Fanny Maria Clementson. In 1861 she was living with her parents and siblings Alice Fanny Clementson (married Richard Henry Heward), Isabel Mary Clementson and Herbert Walter Clementson in Camberwell. She also had brothers called John Clementson, Ernest Frank Clementson, Arthur Edwin Clementson. Marian Clementson became a schoolteacher and for a time taught in Brighton. In 1891 she was living at 103 Addiscombe Road, Croydon with her mother and sisters Isabel and Annie Carlota Clementson. In 1901 she was living at 9 Hove Park Villas with her sister Annie and in 1911 they were living at 18 Lowther Road, Preston Park, Brighton. Identified in pencil. Good condition.
Ref. no. 65a Price £45

Walter Lewes Pitt, a carte de visite photograph of Walter Lewes Pitt (c.1843-1914) of the 55th Regiment by Howard, Bourne and Shepherd of Simla, India. He was the son of William Gregson Pitt and Charlotte Spooner. He married Arabella Charlotte Moysey, the daughter of Frederick Luttrel Moysey, in 1871 and their daughters Charlotte Annie Lilian Pitt and Muriel Evelyn Pitt were born in 1872 and 1878. The family lived in Eastbourne. Good condition.
Ref. no. 66a Price £45

John Barrett-Lennard, a cabinet photograph by W. and A.H. Fry of Brighton. This was probably the same John Barrett-Lennard who was the Reverend John Barrett-Lennard (1839-1898), a clergyman in Crawley. A few age marks, good condition.
Ref. no. 67a Price £25

Ref. no. 68a SOLD

William Rawlins Capel, a carte de visite photograph of the Reverend Rawlins Capel (1828-1904) by E. Flukes of Bath.Capel was born in London and was the son of engineer and iron founder James Durnford Capel and Mary Ann Capel. He had a brother called Bury Capel, who became a chaplain. He attended St. John's College, Cambridge and became a clergyman. He was the vicar of Bickenhill in Warwickshire for some years. From his first marriage he had a daughter called Ethel Constance Capel (born. c.1855, married Arthur Cooke Yarborough in 1877). In 1897 he remarried Jobina Harriet Pace, the daughter of Horatio Pace of the Madras Army. Good condition.
Ref. no. 69a Price £45

William Morrison Bell, a carte de visite of Captain William Morrison Bell (1834-1900) of the 3rd King's Own Hussars by T. Cranfield, 115 Grafton Street, Dublin. He is posed reading a newspaper. Identified in ink on the reverse. William Morrison Bell was the son of William Bell, a coal mine owner, and Mary Wilhelmina Morrison of Wearmouth in Sunderland. His brother was Sir Charles William Morrison Bell of Ottterburn Hall. He joined the regiment in 1854 and became a captain in 1858 and major in 1864. As Major William Morrison Bell he was the author of Other Countries in 1872, a two volume work describing his travels in India, Ceylon, Japan, China, Australasia, America and other places. He spent his last years living at Thor, Birchington, Kent and died at The Lillies, Bonchurch, Isle of Wight on 6 April 1900. Good condition.
Ref. no. 70a Price £45

Daniel Maude, a carte de visite photograph of Daniel Maude (c.1801-1874) by James Mudd of Manchester. Daniel Maude was born in Wakefield, Yorkshire and was the son of Francis Maude. He was a barrister, who was called to the bar at Gray's Inn in 1829 and was later a magistrate in Manchester and Greenwich. He was married to Marianne, the daughter of John Branson and the widow of John Bright, and by his marriage to her was the stepfather of historian and canon of Christ Church, Oxford William Bright (1824-1901). In 1861 he was living at 6 Blackheath Park in Kidbrooke, London. Comes with a clipped signature from a letter 'D. Maude', presumably in Maude's handwriting. Good condition.
Ref. no. 71a Price £45

Charles Haydon Wilkinson Cafe and Fanny Rugg, two carte de visites of Charles Haydon Wilkinson Cafe and Fanny Rugg by James Russell and Sons of Chichester and J.A. Jones of Brighton. Cafe and Rugg married in 1875. Charles Haydon Wilkinson Cafe (1851-1929) was the son of Haydon Lloyd Cafe and Harriet Emily Wilkinson. Fanny Rugg (c.1851-1898) was born in Brighton and was the daughter of Brighton doctor and surgeon Richard Rugg and Anna Sophia Herman; the picture was taken there when she was clearly still a teenager. The couple had children called Haydon Christopher Cafe Rugg, Violet Isabel Harriet Cafe and Mary Cecilia Cafe. In 1911 Haydon was a retired Colonel living in St. Leonards with his daughter Mary. Mottling and aging to Cafe, Rugg faded and some marks.
Ref. no. 72a Price £45

Joseph John Elliott Family, a carte de visite photograph of the family of Joseph John Elliott (1835-1903) who was a photographer with Clarence Edmund Fry, forming the company Elliott and Fry. The photograph shows three of Joseph and Lucy Elizabeth Elliott's children with their two nurses: Lucy Caroline Elliott (born 1866), Mary Stuart Elliott (born 1871), Hubert John Elliott (c.1867-1955), Emily Elliott (nurse) and Fanny (later Mrs Stringer, the under nurse). They are identified on the reverse of the photograph and it says the photo was taken at Underhill, Chipping Barnet in about 1871. There is no photographer backstamp on the reverse, and presumably Elliott took it himself as a family photograph. Good condition.
Ref. no. 73a Price £60

Florence Emily McCalmont and Evangeline Elizabeth McCalmont, two carte de visite photographs of Florence McCalmont (1852-1929) and Evangeline McCalmont (1854-1928) by Adams & Stilliard of Southampton, taken in March 1872. Florence and Eva McCalmont were born in Highfield, Hampshire, the daughters of Thomas McCalmont (1809-1872) and Emily Georgina Hill McCalmont (1826-1912). Their father was the vicar in Highfield. Florence married Alexander James Corse Scott in 1875 and had a daughter called Evangeline Katherine Corse-Scott, . Eva later lived with her mother, sister Florence and brother-in-law Alexander James Corse Scott at Uplands House, South Stoneham, Portswood. A little age speckling, but good condition.
Ref. no. 74a Price £45

Amy and Oswald Noel, two cabinet photographs of Amy and Oswald Noel as children by J.L. Huntly, of 238 Upper Street, Highbury. Identified in ink on reverse ‘Amy Noel (Blake)' and ‘Oswald Noel aged 4'. They were the children of Alfred and Amy Noel. Alfred Noel was a gold chain maker and manufacturing jeweller. In 1901 the children were living at 35 Ronald Road, Highbury, Islington with their parents, 10 year old sister Maud and grandmother Helen Page. In 1911 they were at 100 Highbury Hill and their 19 year old brother jeweller Alfred was also home. Amy Noel (1889-c.1865) was born in Hoxton and married jeweller Bertie Victor Blake, the son of Alfred James Blake and Emma Blake. Bertie Noel (1895-1984) was born in Hoxton. Some aging, good condition.
Ref. no. 75a Price £45

Colonel Thomas George Glover, a carte de visite of Colonel Thomas George Glover (1826-1881) of the Royal Engineers by T. Fall of London. Identified in pencil on front as 'Colonel Glover RE'. Glover is remembered today for his photographs taken at the time of the Indian Mutiny and his India album is now owned by the British Library. He was born in London and was the son of Thomas George Glover and Augusta Glover. He served in the Royal Engineers (Bengal Engineers) and joined as an ensign in 1844 and was made colonel in 1870. He saw action in the Punjab campaign of 1848-49 (medal with two clasps) and was at the Battle of Agra during the India Mutiny (medal). He married Mary Jane and they had two children: Thomas Herbert Glover and Augusta Elizabeth Glover. Augusta married Major General Sidney Selden Long and they were the parents of distinguished Royal Airforce First World War pilot Selden Herbert Long DSO MC. Good condition.
Ref. no. 76a Price £45

Biddell Family, three carte de visite photographs of the Biddell family of Lavenham, Suffolk. William Biddell by J.W. Clarke of Bury St. Edmunds, Bertha Biddell age 3 by J.R. Sawyer's Italian Studios of Norwich and Great Yarmouth, and Percy Biddell age 6 by J.R. Sawyer. William Biddell (c.1825-1900) was born in Playford, Suffolk and was the son Playford farmer Arthur Biddell and Jane Biddell; his cousin was the astronomer George Biddell Airy. He married Ellen Blencowe (c.1833-1867), who was the mother of his children, in 1857, and after her death he married Mary Ann Scott. He was a farmer at Lavenham Hall, Lavenham where he lived with his wife Mary Ann and children Percy and Bertha. He became a member of Parliament. Percy Biddell (1864-1892) became a solicitor. Bertha Biddell (1867-c.1954) married clergyman Henry Taylor in 1900; she had daughters called Bertha Mary Taylor, Hilda Biddell Taylor, Ruth Biddell Taylor and Elisabeth Biddell Taylor. Good condition.
Ref. no. 77a Price £60

Arthur Blencowe Biddell, a carte de visite photograph of Arthur Blencowe Biddell (1856-1923), taken June 1865, aged 8½, by William Cobb of Ipswich. Arthur Biddell was a cousin of the Biddells in no.74. He was the son of Manfred Biddell and Sarah Lucy Blencowe of Playford, Suffolk where his father was a farmer at Lux Farm. Arthur later lived in Crescent Road, Ipswich with his brother John Lyall Biddell, who was a photographer. Some fading and marks to picture, otherwise good.
Ref. no. 78a Price £30

Harvey Winson Fellows and Caroline Peters Fellows, a cabinet photo of Harvey Winson Fellows by Dickinsons of London and a carte de visite of his daughter Caroline Peters Fellows by Richard Dighton of Cheltenham. Harvey Winson Fellows (1826-1907) was born in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire and was the son of Thomas and Mary Fellows. Fellows was a solicitor and lived at Mill End House, Rickmansworth. He was also a well known amateur cricketer, as was his brother Walter Fellows. He married Harriet Coupland Murray in 1852 and had children called Emily Margaret Fellows (born 1853, she married a colonel in the Indian Army, George Atkins, in 1873 and had children called George James Murray Atkins, Emily Mabel Murray Atkins and Gladys Marguerite Murray Atkins) and Caroline Peters Fellows (1855-1945). Identified in pencil on reverse as ‘Harvey Fellows' and in another pencilled hand ‘cricketer'. Some fading, bottom area of white card trimmed. Good condition. The carte de visite of his daughter Caroline (identified as 'Carrie Fellows in ink on the reverse) shows her in fancy dress for a ball or a costume for amateur dramatics; she later lived at the Dial House in Rickmansworth, good condition.
Ref. no. 79a Price £60

Maxwell Nicholson, a carte de visite photograph of the Reverend Maxwell Nicholson (c.1819-1874) by John Moffat of Edinburgh. Maxwell Nicholson was born in Whithorn, Wigtownshire in Scotland and was the minister of St. Stephen's parish in Edinburgh. He was married to Frances Isabella Oliphant and their children were Stuart Oliphant Nicholson, Mary Nicholson, Francis Marcus Nicholson, Margaret Nicholson and Ann Helen Nicholson. Good condition.
Ref. no. 80a Price £45

Walter Frank Corbett and Mr. Corbett, two carte de visites: Walter Frank Corbett age 6 years old 1869 by H. Howle of Newport, Salop and a man by Maull & Polyblank of London. The man has In pencil on reverse ‘Mrs. Corbett', which may mean this was Mr. Corbett and the boy's father or that it was a picture of the friend and given to the Corbett family.
Good condition.
Ref. no. 81a Price £45

Henry St. Leger Bury Palliser, a carte de visite photograph of Admiral Henry Bury Palliser (c.1839-1907) by Bassano of London. Palliser was from a naval family and was the son of Richard Bury Palliser and Fanny Marryat. He married Beatrice Emelia Astell, the daughter of Major Charles Edward Thornton Astell and Harriette Dare Spaight, in 1878 and served as Commander of the Pacific Station in the 1890s. Some fading and aging and top and bottom edges of card area trimmed).
Ref. no. 82a Price £30

Lanyon Family, six carte de visite photographs of the Lanyon family: 1. Hannah Lanyon by Constable of Brighton. Hannah Hyde (1843-1929) was born in Windsor, Berkshire and grew up in London. She was the daughter of Edward Hyde and Emma Hyde of Park Place, Paddington and later 23 Alfred Place West, Thurloe Square, and she had a brother called John Edward Hyde. Her father was an Inland Revenue inspector. Hannah Hyde married John Lanyon in Kensington in 1863. 2. John Lanyon and Hannah Lanyon by M. Allen & Company of Dublin. John Lanyon (1839-1900) was the son of Elizabeth Helen Lanyon (nee Owen) and the architect Sir Charles Lanyon of The Abbey, White Abbey, County Antrim. The family had strong associations to Belfast, where Charles Lanyon designed many important buildings. 3. Elizabeth Catherine Hermione Hyde by Cecil W. Wood, Brompton Photographic Studio, London. Captioned in pencil on the reverse 'Granny Hyde', this must be Edward Hyde's second wife (his first wife Emma, the mother of Hannah was already dead by 1851) Elizabeth Catherine Hermione Brooksbank (1820-1915), the daughter of Thomas Constantine Brooksbank and Elizabeth Brooksbank, who married Edward Hyde in 1865. 4. Elizabeth Hyde Lanyon by Lambert Weston and Son of Dover Folkestone. Born in Dublin in 1866, she married Michael Seymour Dudley Westropp (1868-1954) in 1902. 5. Emma Hyde Lanyon (1864-1940) by Lambert Weston and Son. Emma Lanyon was born in Dublin and married Ferdinand Mansel Peacock in Belfast in 1899. 6. Emma Hyde Lanyon in 1867 by W.E. Debenham of London. The blank card edges have been trimmed on each picture, otherwise good condition.
Ref. no. 83a Price £80

David Mitchell Aird, a carte de visite of barrister, printer and author David Mitchell Aird by John Watkins of London. David Mitchell Aird (c.1812-1876) was born in Glasgow and was the son of John Aird and Marjery Mitchell. He and his father later moved to London and David Mitchell Aird became a master printer. He married Eliza Rew in 1845. In 1858 he became a barrister of the Middle Temple and had his chambers in Pump Court, while still retaining his printing business with his wife, and he also graduated from Oxford University. He died in London in 1876. He and Eliza had one son called David Alfred Aird (1849-1893), who also became a barrister and married Ellen Eliza Darling in 1876; their children were David Alfred Mcgregor Aird (1879-1969), Alexander Philip Mcgregor Aird (1880-1956) and Reginald James Mitchell Aird (1890-1960). Some aging & ink marks to picture. Inscription on the reverse in ink includes the words ‘This is my keepsake (?) of father's (?) brother (?) - put it with care in your album'.
Ref. no. 84a Price £45

Emily Lacey Sharman, a carte de visite photograph of Emily Lacey Sharman (1863-1893), taken in July 1866 by Silas Eastham of Southport and Manchester. Emily Sharman was born in Halifax, Yorkshire and was the daughter of William Sharman and his wife Emily. Her father was a master worsted spinner. She grew up in Halifax and later lived in Ormskirk in Lancashire. She married bank clerk Rowland Evans Ellis (1862-1930), the son of merchant John Ellis, in Bradford in 1887. They had a son called Vaughan Sharman Ellis (1888-1973). Some mottled aging to picture.
Ref. no. 85a Price £30

Charlotte Maxwell Heron, a Wothlytype carte de visite photograph of Charlotte Maxwell Heron (c.1815-1886) by the United Association of Photography of London. It was taken in September 1871. The Maxwell Heron family had previously been known as Heron Maxwell. Born Charlotte Frances Burgoyne, she was the daughter of Captain Frederick William Burgoyne of the Royal Navy. She married Michael Maxwell Heron, the son of Sir John Shaw Heron Maxwell Heron, a Captain in the 87th Fusiliers who became the vicar of Heddon in Northumberland. Her children were John Maxwell-Heron (1836-1899, previously known as Captain John Heron Maxwell), Frederick William Burgoyne Heron Maxwell-Heron (1838-1918), Harriet Heron Maxwell-Heron (c.1836-1925) and Stuart Mary Heron Maxwell-Heron (1840-1888). Some age mottling to background, otherwise good condition.
Ref. no. 86a Price £40

William Stewart Irvine, a carte de visite photograph by Lafosse of Manchester. Ink inscription on reverse ‘W.S. Irvine, M.D., FRCSE 1877). Dr. William Stewart Irvine (1812-1893) was a respected doctor in Scotland and was born in Little Dunkeld, Perthshire. He lived in a house called Craigatin in Pitlochry. The Irvine Memorial Nursing Home was built in his honour. His wife was Sarah Margaret Stewart Irvine and his children were Jessie Marion Stewart Irvine (married Frederick Preston Lees, son of James Lees of Manchester), Alexander Stewart Irvine, Henry Stewart Irvine, Margaret Eliza Stewart Irvine and William Stewart Irvine. Good condition.
Ref. no. 87a Price £45

Maximilian Dudley Digges Dalison, a carte de visite by J. Weston and Son of Folkestone. Maximilian Dalison (1852-1885) was the son of Maximilian Hammond Dalison and Matilda Alexander. He was a captain in the Scots Guards when he was killed 'gallantly leading his men' at the Battle of Hasheen near Suakin in the Sudan in 1885. He married Charlotte Grace Beresford-Peirse and had children called Joan Mary Dalison and Maximilian Dudley Peirce Dalison. His daughter Joan married Alexander William Keown-Boyd. An ink inscription on the reverse refers to the date of his death in the Sudan and the young children he left behind. Some aging and fading to the image, the face being paler than the rest.
Ref. no. 88a Price £35

Edward Sabine Tait, Charles James Tait and Henry Brewer Tait, three carte de visite photographs of the Tait brothers as children: 1. taken in 1865by A. & E. Seeley of Islington Green, London. Identified in ink on the front and ownership signature of Fanny Henderson on the reverse. 2. by R. & J.W. Brunskill of Sedbergh and Bowness-Windermere. Identified in ink on the front. 3. by Mayall, 91 King's Road, Brighton, identified in ink on back and initialled F.H. The boys were the sons of Doctor Edward Wilmshurst Tait (1829-1903) and Miriam Jemima Sabine (1829-1862). Edward Sabine Tait (1856-1939) married Frances Emily Willett, the daughter of engineer Thomas William Willett, and became a surgeon; Charles James Tait (1858-1930) married Ethel Vaughan Willett and became an architect; Henry Brewer Tait (1859-1935) married Beatrice Brend Batten and became a surgeon. Some aging and marks but fairly good for age.
Ref. no. 89a Price £60

Edward Christopher Tyrell Hawker, a cabinet photo of Edward Christopher Tyrell Hawker (1858-1887) by John Edwards of London. He was born in Chelsea and was the son of Edward James Hawker and Margaret Jane Rennie of 37 Cadogan Place. His grandfather was Admiral Edward Hawker of Ashford Lodge, Petersfield. He became a lieutenant in the Royal Engineers and in 1881 was at the School of Military Engineering in Chatham. He was also a keen amateur photographer. Inscribed in ink on reverse ‘E.C. Tyrell Hawker Lieutenant Royal Engineers Taken in June 1886' and in a later hand the words ‘Top Middle Round'. Old marks on blank area of reverse from where it was probably removed from a frame or album. Good condition.
Ref. no. 90a Price £35

Francis Edward Fitzherbert, a carte de visite of Francis Edward Fitz-herbert (1859-1932), later known as Lord Francis Edward Fitzherbert-Stafford 12th Baron Stafford, taken when he was fifteen years old by Lock & Whitfield of 178 Regent Street, London and 109 King's Road, Brighton. Dated in ink on the reverse ‘F. Fitzherbert - 1875- Beaumont'. Beaumont refers to Beaumont College in Windsor, where Fitzherbert was a pupil. Francis Fitzherbert was born in Swynnerton, Staffordshire and was the son of Emily Charlotte Stafford-Jerningham and Basil Thomas Fitzherbert. He married Dorothy Hilda Worthington, the daughter of Sarah Elizabeth Batty and brewer Albert Octavius Worthington, in 1903 and they lived at Meretown House in Newport and Swynnerton Hall. A little aging, good condition.
Ref. no. 91a Price £45

Dadabhai Naoroji, a cabinet photograph of Dadabhai Naoroji (1825-1917) by Franz Baum of London and Manchester. Naoroji was born in India and became the first Asian M.P. in Britain in 1892 when he became the Liberal Party member of Parliament for Finsbury Central. Good condition.
Ref. no. 92a Price £35

Gordon Family, four carte de visite photographs of the nieces and nephew and brother-in-law of Gordon of Khartoum, General Charles George Gordon's (1833-1885). All in good condition.
1. Margaret Julia Gordon (1860-1945) and Henry Donald Gordon (1858-1920) by an unknown photographer. Margaret and Henry were the children of Samuel Enderby Gordon and Margaret Flora Mary McDougall. Margaret married Robert Uniacke Anderson in 1886. Identified in pencil on reverse.
2. Violet Beatrice Caroline Gordon (1868-1938) by S. Long, Photographer, 82 Wellington Street, Woolwich. Violet was the daughter of Sir Henry William Gordon (1818-1887) and Henrietta Rose Staveley. She married Alexander Fleetwood Pinhey. Identified in pencil on reverse.
3. Henry William Gordon (1853-1870) as a boy in naval uniform by G.B. Davies, Photographer, 22 Wellington Street, Woolwich. Henry was the son of Henry William Gordon (1818-1887) and Henrietta Rose Staveley. He drowned age 16 as a midshipman when the Royal Navy gun ship HMS Captain sank off Spain; his father was Controller Royal Arsenal, Woolwich at the time. Identified in pencil on reverse and written in ink on reverse ‘for Emily'. Emily was Emily Mary Dunlop (c.1847-1909) the daughter of Elizabeth Maria Gordon and General Franklin Dunlop. Identified in pencil on reverse.
4. Lieutenant General Franklin Dunlop (1812-1887) by Rider Barrett, Artists and Photographers, 16 Bernard Street, Southampton. Dunlop was married to General Gordon's sister Elizabeth Maria Gordon (1820-1883). Identified in pencil on reverse.
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Mr. Hayward and Wyatt Hayward, two carte de visite photographs. The first is by Robert Hayward of Finchley and is identified as 'Mr. Hayward' in pencil on reverse - this is likely to be a self-portrait of the photographer Robert Hayward. The second carte is of Wyatt Hayward as a little boy in a Scottish style outfit and is identified in pencil on the reverse in the same hand as 'Wyatt Hayward' and, although it has no photographer backstamp, was probably taken by his father Robert Hayward. Robert Hayward (c.1835-1903) was born in Brighton and was the son of Deborah King Hayward; he married Susannah and in 1871 he was a photographer at Strawberry Vale in Finchley, living at Strawberry Vale. He worked as a photographer into the 1890s. His children were Wyatt, Frank, Percy, Ernest, Sydney, Stanley Marcus Hayward and Leslie. Wyatt Hayward (1864-1954) began his career as a photographer by working as his father's assistant. He married Eliza Baptista Woodman in 1887 and in 1891 was working as a photographer in Barnet; he had children called Wyatt Hayward, Winifred Dorothy Hayward, Cecil Hayward and Marjorie Joyce Hayward.
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Philip Thomas Buston, a carte de visite of Lieutenant Philip Thomas Buston of the Royal Engineers in uniform by Alexander Bassano. Buston eventually became a general and D.S.O. Philip Buston (1853-1938) was born in Twyford, Hampshire, the son of the Reverend Roger Buston and his wife Anne Mary Buston. As a child Philip lived at Vicarage House in Twyford with his parents and siblings Roger Buston (became a school master married Mary Georgiana Harrop Milne Redhead), Edith Mary Buston, Charles Buston (became a clergyman & married Edith Eleanor Richards), Arthur John Buston (became a cotton broker & married Catherine Emma Pritchard), Anne Isabella Buston, Mary Phillis Katherine Buston, Eleanor Sarah Buston (married farmer George Edward Gillett) and Margaret Elizabeth Gretton Buston (married cleryman). Philip Buston joined the Royal Engineers and became a Major in 1889, and was awarded the D.S.O. in 1901 after serving in the Boer War. After he retired from the army he went to live at Tilstock Lodge, Whitchurch, Shropshire and he died there in 1938. Identified in ink on reverse ‘Philip T. Buston Lieut. R.E.'. Good condition.
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Islington Group of Identified Schoolboys, a cabinet photo of 13 boys by T.C. Turner, 17 Upper Street, Islington, London. Identified in ink on reverse and dated May 6th 1882. Good condition. Ink name in bold below followed by my researched identification:
Julius Schmidt: Charles Julius Theodore Schmidt (1871-1923) who was born in Islington and was the son of Mary Schmidt. He became an insurance clerk and inspector of agents. In 1899 he married Florence Mary Thompson and had children called Hilda Mary Schmidt, Theodore Edward Schmidt, Alice Mildred Schmidt and Florence Ella Schmidt.
Robert Charles: Robert Charles (1868-) was born in Islington 1868. His brother Ashley Charles is also in the photo. He was the son of Albert Onesiphorus Charles and Rebecca Julia Charles and had siblings called Arthur Edgley Charles, Alice Charles, Bessie Charles, Robert Charles, Rosa Charles and Albert Ashley Charles. In 1881 the family were living at 19 Alwyne Square, Islington.
Richard Salmon: probably Richard George Salmon (1871) who was born in Barnes but was living at 28 Canonbury Park South in Islington in 1881. He was the son of George Salmon, a commercial clerk, and Mary Salmon. He became an insurance actuary and in 1897 married Edith Hodgson, with whom he had daughter Editha Mary Salmon.
Walter Hill: possibly Walter Hill, born in Clerkenwell in 1871 and living in Islington in 1881, he was the son of master cooper Henry Hill and Mary Hill. In 1891 he was a stockbroker's clerk.
Fred Guest:
W.F. Anderson: likely to be William Frederick Anderson (1869-1947), who was born in Islington and in 1881 living at 13 Essex Road, Islington. He was the son of timber dealer Charles Frederick Anderson and Mary Ann Anderson. He married Agnes and became a timber dealer.
Claude Spiller: Claude Pritchard Spiller (1870-1938) was born in Islington 1870. He was the son of consulting analytical chemist John Spiller and in 1881 was living in Islington with his father, sister Ethel Mary Spiller and brother Arnold John Spiller; another brother was the Rev. Leonard Spiller of Acton. Claude Spiller became a mechanical draughtsman. He was the nephew of book cloth manufacturer Ion Pritchard
Ashley Charles: Albert Ashley Charles (1872-1882) , brother of Robert. He died soon after the photo was taken.
Leonard Smith:
"Bunny" Smith:
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John Flather, a carte de visite by Mons. Louis of Euston Road, Kennington and Boulogne of elderly barrister John Flather. Identified in ink on the reverse and described as the oldest barrister in Chancery. Flather was a member of Lincoln's Inn and died at his home 37 Burton Crescent, St. Pancras in 1875, leaving his estate to his niece Susan Newson Timbrell (Susan Newson Flather born c.1817 St. Pancras, the daughter of John's brother James Flather, she married Henry Timbrell in 1838) and great niece Mary Susannah Timbrell (Mary Timbrell born c.1847 in Rome; she became Mary Bussereau after her marriage to Pierre Bussereau). John Flather (c.1786-1875) was born in St. Botolph, London, the probable son of Thomas and Eliza Flather, and was called to the bar in 1818. In 1851 he was living with his wife Eleanor (also known as Ellen born c.1814-1874) and son Alfred John Flather (1834-1872) at 39 Hastings Street near Gray's Inn. He acted as churchwarden for many years in St. Pancras. His son Alfred went to St. John's Cambridge, became a clergyman and died young. Top edge of card trimmed (not affecting image), some aging, good condition.
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Florence Esther Powell, a cabinet photo of Florence Esther Powell (1870-1944, married name Florence Esther Dimsdale) by H.S. Mendelssohn of London, taken in November 1890. Esther was born in Kensington and was the daughter of barrister Maurice Powell and Florence Powell (daughter of William Oke Manning). In 1881 she was living with her parents and siblings Alice Katharine Powell, William Maurice Powell (later known as William Maurice Bayne-Powell) and Lucilla Francis Powell at 50 Palace Gardens Terrace. She married Henry Cockfield Dimsdale, the son of Joseph Cockfield Dimsdale and Catharine Dimsdale, in 1909 - their son was Major Henry Cockfield Luke Dimsdale (1911-1964). Identified in ink on the reverse. Some aging, good condition.
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Colonel Edmund Stephens, a carte de visite of Lieutenant Edmund Stephens of the Royal Engineers by George Boyer Davies of Wellington Street, Woolwich. Edmund Stephens (c.1839-1900) was born in London. He joined the Royal Engineers and was a Lieutenant in 1859. In 1871 he was at the School of Military Engineering in Brompton and in 1872 he became a captain. In 1874 he was stationed in the Bahamas at the Colonial Office. In 1875 he married Florence Cockburn Harvey, the daughter of George Cockburn Harvey, at St. Luke's Cathedral in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They had three daughters called Mary Vernon Stephens, Frances Vernon Stephens and Dorothy Vernon Stephens. In the 1890s they lived in Hove at 8 Selborne Road. In 1900 Colonel Edmund Stephens died at 40 Brunswick Road in Hove. Identified in pencil on reverse as 'Edmund Stephens Lt 1/4/59' and in ink on the image by the chair as 'Stephens RE'. Top edge of the blank card trimmed, good condition.
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Olive Blanche Baynham, a carte de visite of Olive Blanche Baynham as a child by Walzl of 28 Norwood Road, London. Olive Blanche Baynham (1879-1934) was born in India and was the daughter of the Reverend Arthur Wilfred Baynham and Alice Philadelphia Sophia Scott Baynham. Her sisters were Frances Isabel Baynham (married Albert Menzies Bissett) and Beatrice Louisa Baynham (married Richard John Rupert Measham). Her father was a vicar and in 1901 the family were living at the Vicarage in Alvediston in Wiltshire; he was later at the vicarage in Ash Priors near Taunton. Prior to her death, Olive had been living at The Pastures, Leytonstone. Identified in ink on reverse as Olive Baynham. Good consition.
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Ellen Barlee, a carte de visite of author Ellen Barlee by Negretti & Zambra of the Crystal Palace, Sydenham. Good condition.
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John Dill, a carte de visite by Hennah and Kent of Brighton. In ink on reverse ‘My friend Mr Dill aged 89'. There is some shaky, elderly looking, handwriting pasted to the reverse which might say 'my photograph', presumably it is Dill's. John Dill (c.1779-1871) was born in Donegal, Ireland. He was a doctor and surgeon and became a member of the Royal College of Surgeons in London in 1814. He lived with his wife Eliza Dill (c.1786-1869) at 21 Regency Square in Brighton, and in 1851 his nephew Richard Dill, who also became a local doctor and in 1861 lived at 19 Regency Square with his wife Augusta Caroline Wale and sons John Frederick Gordon Dill and Richard Marcus Gordon Dill, was living with them. At the time of his death, John Dill was living at 3 Western Cottages in Brighton and his nephew Richard Dill and Carew Sanders Robinson were his executors. Good condition.
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Jeanie Johnston Cameron and Margaret Cameron, two carte de visites of sisters Jeanie Johnston Cameron (1869-1955) and Margaret Cameron (1868-1950) as children by Thomas Protheroe of Wine Street, Bristol. They were the daughters of hosier and draper Angus Cameron and Jessie Wright Cameron; their other siblings were Ewen Cameron, James Cameron, Duncan Cameron and Rachel Burr Cameron (who married Thomas James Macnamara, the Member of Parliament for Camberwell). Jeanie Johnston Cameron was born in Bristol in 1869. Jeanie became a teacher and married journalist, author and publisher's editor Harold Armitage, the son of teacher William Armitage, at Newton Park Union Church in Leeds, Yorkshire in 1901. In 1902 they had a son called Angus Armitage. Margaret Cameron was born in Bristol in 1868 and she became a teacher. She married schoolteacher Fred Foster in Leeds in 1900 and in 1911 they were living in Kingston on Thames. Identified in ink on the reverse. A little fading, good condition.
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John Edward Keene, a carte de visite of Captain John Edward Keene by Thomas Hart of 21 George St., Plymouth. Identified on the reverse in pencil as 'Captain Ruck Keene'. Captain John Edward Keene of the Royal Artillery was stationed in Plymouth in 1864. He was in the area again in 1869 when he was firing shells on Dartmoor. Good condition.
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Benedictus Marwood Kelly, a carte de visite by Thewenti Brothers of Bath. Good condition. Benedictus Marwood Kelly (1785-1867) was the son of Benedictus Marwood Kelly, an attorney, and Mary Coham. His brothers were Commander William Kelly of the Royal Navy and John Tucker Kelly of the Madras Horse Artillery. Kelly joined the Royal Navy in 1798 on the Niger and was then on the Gibralter under the command of his uncle Captain W.H. Kelly. He saw action in the Napoleonic Wars and eventually became an Admiral. He married Mary Anne Price, the daughter of Richard Price, of Highfield Park in Sussex in 1837 and was widowed only a year later. In 1855 he married Juliana Boyd and they settled at Saltford House in Saltford, Somerset. His wife continued to live at Saltford House and after her death in 1896 probate was granted to George Fenwick Boyd. Identified in pencil on reverse. Good condition.
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Guy Budd Courtney, a carte de visite of Guy Budd Courtney as a child in 1873 by Elliott and Fry of London. Identified in ink on reverse. Guy Budd Courtney (1864-1943) was born in Liverpool, Lancashire, the son of Kensington banker Edward Monlas Courtney and Isabella Elizabeth Voules. He attended Pembroke College, Cambridge and became a doctor at St. George's Hospital in London and later in Ramsgate. He married Alice Gertrude Fison (c.1857-1940), the daughter of Anne and Joseph Fison, in Ipswich, Suffolk in 1889 and they had sons called Joseph Monlas Courtney (who became a doctor) and Lionel Guy Courtney (who became a clergyman). In 1911 Guy was a doctor living at Winton Croft in Binfield, Berkshire and he was mentioned in dispatches in the First World War when he was a Captain in the Royal Army Medical Corp. In 1940 he was living at Trinity House, Barnstaple, Devon and died at Brynderwyn in Teignmouth. Good condition.
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Dhanjisha Navroji Parakh, a carte de visite of Dr. Dhanjisha Navroji Parakh by Elliott and Fry taken in about 1871 when he was a young surgeon in London lodging in the home of surgeon George Coates at 201 Euston Road. Signed on reverse in ink ‘W.J. Harvey Esq from yours sincerely D.N. Parakh.' A later hand in pencil on the reverse identifies him as ‘surgeon-major D.N. Parakh'. Parakh was a member of the Parsee community of Bombay and was born in India in about 1851. His brother, Dr. Nasarwanji Nowroji Parakh, was also a surgeon. Dhanjisha Navroji Parakh became an army doctor and on 30 September 1886 became Surgeon Major at the Bombay Medical Establishment. Later he became Professor of Midwifery at Grant Medical College in Bombay. A little fading on one side of his coat, good condition.
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Reverend Charles Mark Barne & Miss Fanny Barne, a carte de visite of Charles Mark Barne by C.S. Cork of Cowes, Isle of Wight and a carte de visite of his sister Fanny Barne by an unknown photographer. They were the son and daughter of banker George Barne and his wife Mary. Charles Mark Barne (1804-1891) was born in Tiverton, Devon and graduated from Sidney College, Cambridge University. In 1861 he was a clergyman without care of souls in Kirk Deighton in Yorkshire He died at The Hermitage, Exmouth in 1891. Fanny Barne (c.1816-1887) was born in Tiverton, Devon and in 1841 was living with her parent and sister Ellen at New Place, Tiverton. She also lived with her sisters Ellen and Catherine and in 1881 was in St. Peter Street, Tiverton. She died in Tiverton in 1887. Bottom edge of card trimmed on Charles Barne (not affecting photo), good condition.
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Francis Duke and Sarah Jane Pleasance Duke, a carte de visite of Francis Duke by an unknown photographer and inscribed by on the reverse 'your affectionate godson Francis Duke BA St. John's College Cambridge 21 April 1862', and a carte de visite of Francis's wife Sarah Jane Pleasance Duke by C.H. Reutlinger of Paris. Francis Duke (c.1839-1881) was born in Sussex, the son of attorney William Duke and Mary Duke. He studied at St. John's Cambridge and became a clergyman. He was chaplain of Lewes County Gaol in 1866 and was later resident at North Pallant, Chichester. He married Sarah Jane Pleasance Markby (c.1834-1924), the daughter of Jane and Edward Gillam Marby, in 1863. They had children called Theodore Markby Duke, Augusta Markby Duke, Christopher Stanhope Duke, Laura Margaret Duke, Eleanor Maria Duke and Pleasance Victoria Duke. The Reverend Francis Duke died at the Bethlem Hospital, Lambeth in 1881. A couple of marks to Mrs. Duke, good condition.
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Mr. Mello and Mrs. Mello, two carte de visites: Mrs. Mello by an unknown photographer and Mr. Mello by Mr. C. Combes of 19 Bedford Place, Brighton. As the photograph of Mrs. Mello was dated 1861, the likely candidates by age are John Arnold Mello and his wife Caroline Anne Mello. An Arnold Mello was resident in Brighton at the time, but he was not married, and John Arnold Mello was almost certainly a relative of Arnold Mello and so would have visited Brighton. Good condition.
Ref. no. 114a £45

Reginald Scott Sopwith, a cabinet photograph of Reginald Scott Sopwith as a young child posed with a toy horse by Palmer of Granville Marina Studios, Ramsgate. Reginald Scott Sopwith (1878-1916) was born in Staffordshire. He was the son of Catherine (nee Catherine Susan Shelford) & Arthur Sopwith, a civil and mining engineer. In 1881 he was living at Church Street, Burntwood Edial and Woodhouses, Staffordshire with his parents and brothers Thomas Karl Sopwith (he became a famous clergyman), Shelford Francis Sopwith and sister Anna Gwenmore Sopwith; he also had brothers called George Ernest Sopwith and Sydney Sheldon Sopwith. In 1901 he was a mining student boarding in Lichfield St. Mary, Staffordshire. During the First World War he enlisted in the Royal Fusiliers City of London Regiment; he was killed in action at Flanders on 11 April 1916. Identified in ink on front as ‘Reginald Scott Sopwith age 2 yrs & 2 months'. In pencil in reverse 'Miss H.A.', the person it must have been given to. A little aging, good condition.
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Rudolf Kohler, Curt Netto, Charles William Hodson and Thomas, a cabinet photograph by Mr. Fiske (there is no printed backstamp but the handwritten ink annotation on the reverse says the photographer was called Mr. Fiske - presumably Yosemite photographer George Fiske) of four tourists visiting Yosemite Valley, California on 24 July 1882. The four men pictured are Curt Netto (1847-1909) professor of mining and geology at the Imperial University, Tokyo, Charles William Hodson (1851-1910) engineer with the Indus Valley State Railways in India, Rudolf Kohler 'an Hungarian who had been employed in a mercentile capacity in Siberia' and 'Thomas of Hemsworth, near Pontefract, Yorkshire globe-trotting for amusement after retiring from the army' - Thomas probably wrote the inscription and is quite likely to be one of the sons of the Reverend Charles Edward Thomas of Hemsworth Rectory, William Henry Thomas (1855-1903; later known as William Henry Thomas Battie-Wrightson and who probably had just left the army at this date as he married Lady Isabella Georgiana Katherine Cecil in London in 1884) or Charles Freeman Thomas (1860-1950), both of whom served in the York and Lancaster Regiment. Long inscription on the reverse about each man and how 'we met on board the S.S. Gaelic sailing for Yokohama to San Francisco and travelled in California together - after which Thomas & Kohler went eastwards together while Netto & Hodson visited various mines in Nevada & Colorado and did not separate till Niagara'. Some fading, light crease at very top, good condition.
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Wright Family & Osbert Charles Gresham Leveson Gower, five carte de visites and one cabinet photograph.
1. Carte de visite by Augustus Edward Wright), Binsted Vicarage, Alton, Hants. Augustus Edward Wright (1853-1928) was born in Caxton, Cambridgeshire and was the son of Augustus John Wright (1818-1869) and Rebecca Elizabeth Corker (1821-1859). Picture shows the entrance of a house, a maid, an older woman in an invalid chair, an older woman pushing it and a young woman standing. Reverend A.E. Wright was a keen amateur photographer and well known for his pictures of the Binsted area.
2. Cabinet photo by Alfred W. Kissack of Eton, Windsor of Edith Annie Wright, Frederick Hornsby Wright (seated) and Osbert Charles Gresham Levison Gower. Taken in about 1903 & identified in ink on reverse. Frederick Hornsby Wright (1888-1976) was born in 1888 Kensington, the son of barrister Robert Augustus Arthur Wright and Edith Annie Wright (nee Barnes). Frederick married Leone Irma Elter and had sons Allan Hornsby Wright & Robert Hornsby Wright. His Eton schoolfriend Osbert Charles Gresham Leveson Gower (1889-1968) was the son of diplomat Arthur Francis Gresham Leveson Gower and Caroline Frederica Foljambe). He married Winifred Van Allen Phillips Young and became a commander in the navy.
3. Carte de visite taken c.1865 of Augustus Wright (named Augustus Wright in pencil) as a boy by Messrs Ayles & Bonniwell of Trinity House, Hastings. Augustis Edward Wright (1853-1928) or his relative Augustus Hornsby Wright (1852-c.1945) son of George Bache Wright and Mary Griffith Wright.
4. Carte de visite of Robert Wright (named as Robert Wright in pencil) as a boy by Mr. Henry Lambert, photographer, 10 Fountain Bdgs, Bath. Robert Augustus Arthur Wright (1855-1900) was the father of Eton schoolboy Frederick Hornsby Wright. Robert was the son born of Joseph Hornsby Wright and Ann Oaks. He became a a barrister and married Edith Annie Barnes.
5. Carte de visite of Annie Wright (named as Annie Wright) by Mayland of Cambridge. Annie Marie Wright (1851-?) was born in Caxton, Cambridgeshire 1851, the daughter of Augustus John Wright and Rebecca Elizabeth Corker and the sister of Augustus Edward Wright.
6. Carte de visite of Mrs. J.H. Wright (identified in ink on reverse) by Maull & Polybank, Photographers 55 Gracechurch Street, 187a Piccadilly and Tavistock House Fulham Road London. Mrs. J.H. Wright is presumably Mrs. Joseph Hornsby Wright (nee Ann Oakes). She was the wife of Joseph Hornsby Wright, mother of Robert August Arthur Wright and Arthur Hornsby Wright and grandmother of Frederick Hornsby Wright). Good condition.
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Eveline Mary Corbould Haywood - the artist Eveline Corbould-Ellis, a carte de visite of the portrait miniature painter Eveline Corbould Ellis as a child by Elliott and Fry. Identified in ink on the reverse as ‘Eveline M.C. Haywood aged 9½ yrs - 7 Feb 1878' and she is dressed in a Dutch costume. Eveline Mary Corbould Haywood (1868-1942) was born in Chiswick. (1868-1942), the daughter of ironfounder George Harris Haywood and Isabel Fanny Haywood (nee Corbould). In 1891 she was living at 8 Cottesmore Gardens, Kensington with her parents and her siblings Edward Holroyde Haywood, Ronald Ernest Haywood, Isabel May Stewart Haywood and Mima Lilian Haywood. In 1895 she married Cuthbert Frederick Ellis, after which he became known as Cuthbert Frederick Corbould Ellis. They had children called Enid Mary Corbould-Ellis (married Harry Philpot Koelle), Lesley Howard Corbould-Ellis (married Kathleen Norah Penny) and Alison Sybil Corbould-Ellis (married Donald Clitheroe Wilson). Evelyn became a well-known artist as Evelyn Corbould-Ellis (she is listed as a miniature portrait artist in Foskett's Dictionary of Miniatures) and exhibited at the Royal Academy and other exhibitions. Good condition.
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Spencer William Thomas Tyler, a cabinet photo by Hana Studios of London of Spencer William Thomas Tyler (1844-1907). Autographed in ink on front 'Sincerely yours, Spencer Tyler'. Spencer Tyler was born in Lambeth, the son of Spencer William Tyler and Louisa Tyler (nee Hill). His father was a cocoa nut fibre matting maker and in 1851 he was living with his parents and sisters Mary Maria Ann Tyler and Eleanor Amelia Tyler (married merchant Thomas Sharpe) at 15 Walcot Place West. His other siblings were Louisa Tyler (married Sutton Sharpe) and Robert Emeric Tyler (became an architect & married Emma Pegg Clayton). At the time of his marriage to Emily Sophia Nethersole in 1869 he was working as a government contractor. But Tyler also had other interests; he was a keen member of the 1st City of London Artillery Volunteers and became a Captain and later a Major. Another interest was theatre and music hall and he was the manager of the Royal in 1891 and was also involved with the Oxford Music Hall in 1895. This picture of him was by the theatrical photographer Hana. He had children called Sophie Louise Tyler (married chemical manufacturer John William Watts) and Spencer William Tyler (married Norah Elizabeth Elliott). Faded & grubby condition with chipped corners.
Ref. no. 119a Price £30

Charles Ball-Acton, a carte de visite of Major Charles Ball-Acton by Lambert Weston and Son of Dover and Folkestone. It was taken in 1868 when he was still known under his birth name of Charles Acton. Identified in ink on reverse ‘Major Chas. Acton P.J.C. (Or P.T.C.) 51st K.O.L. Infantry aeat 37.' Charles Ball-Acton (c.1830-1897) was born in Ireland, the son of William Acton. He joined the 51st King's Own Light Infantry (2nd Yorkshire West Riding) and eventually became a colonel. In the 1850s he surved in Burma and saw action in the Burmese War of 1852-1853 and was awarded a medal for the capture of Rangoon. He married Georgina Cecilia Hanbury Annesley, the daughter of George Annesley, in London in 1869 and they had children called Evelyn Caroline Annesley Ball-Acton (married Edward Nixon Wynne), Grace Annesley Ball-Acton, Charles Annesley Ball-Acton, Reginald Thomas Annesley Ball-Acton (married Isabel Richmond), Vere Annesley Ball-Acton and Irene Annesley Ball-Acton. Faded, but good condition.
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Frederick Sleigh Roberts and Nora Henrietta Bews, two early photographs of Lord Roberts and his wife Nora taken in about 1858 or 1859 by an unknown photographer - ie these photos were taken before carte de visites existed. These are probably the earliest known photographs of the young Roberts and Nora. Identified in pencil on the reverse as ‘General Roberts C.B. V.C.' and 'Mrs. Roberts'. Frederick Sleigh Roberts (1832-1914) was born in Cawnpore, India, the son of General Sir Abraham Roberts and Isabella Bunbury. He was awarded the Victoria Cross in 1859 and became Earl Roberts of Kandahar. Nora Henrietta Bews (1838-1920) married Roberts in 1859 in Ireland. She was the daughter of Captain John Bews and Mary Elizabeth Reid. Frederick and Nora had six children, including Frederick Hugh Sherston Roberts who was awarded the Victoria Cross medal and was killed in the Boer War, and Aileen Mary Roberts who succeeded to her father's title. Photos were once oval and were later trimmed into squares with edge loss, some creasing and fading, bottom right edge tear to Frederick Roberts in border area. Rare.
Ref. no. 121a Price £80

Philip Hugh Dalbiac, a carte de visite of a young Philip Hugh Dalbiac by John Isaiah & Son of Bangalore, India. Identified in pencil on reverse as ‘Capt. Dalbiac 45th Regt.' Philip Hugh Dalbiac (1855-1927) joined the 70th Regiment initially and then joined the 45th Regiment in 1875 as a sub-lieutenant. He returned from India in with the 45th Regiment in 1878. He was the son of Mary and Henry Eadley Aylmer Dalbiac of Durrington, Sussex. Dalbiac married Lilian Seeley, the daughter of Charles Seeley of Sherwood Lodge, Nottinghamshire and Brooke House, the Isle of Wight in 1888. He became the Conservative M.P. for Camberwell in 1895. Some aging, good condition.
Ref. no. 122a Price £35

Mary Duthoit & her daughters Julia Ann Trimnell Duthoit, Mary Ann Duthoit, Jane Trimnell Duthoit, four carte de visites of the Duthoit family by Elliott & Fry of London. 1. Mary Duthoit (c.1802-1891), formerly Mary Trimnell, was the wife of James Duthoit. Her children with James included William Duthoit, Emily Fanny Duthoit, Julia Ann Trimnel Duthoit, John James Duthoit, Alfred Duthoit, Mary Ann Duthoit and Jane Trimnel Duthoit. In 1851 and 1861 James was a clerk at the Bank of England and the family was living at 18 New Park Road, Kennington. After his retirement they moved to Reigate Road, Reigate in Surrey. 2. Julia Ann Trimnell Duthoit (c.1838-1920). 3. Mary Ann Duthoit (c.1845-1923) who was known as Polly to her family as indicated by pencil note on reverse. 4. Jane Trimnell Duthoit (1849-1932) worked as a music teacher. She died in 1932 when she was staying in Eastbourne but she had been living for years in Upper Bridge Road, Redhill; probate was granted on her estate to her nephews Captain Harold James Duthoit Spriggs of the Royal Navy and Edward Percy Spriggs.
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General Anderson, a carte de visite by Clarkington & Co. of London. Indentified in pencil on reverse as ‘General Anderson 1863'. A likely candidate for General Anderson is Major General William Cochrane Anderson of the Royal Artillery. He attended a levee in London in 1863. Anderson served at Waterloo and died age 73 at his home Edgehill, Davidson's Mains in Scotland in 1865. In his later years he was a lay preacher. He was the father of two sons, Captain James Hamilton Pringle Anderson (married Mary Paterson Gillespie) of the Royal Artillery, and Captain Robert Erskine Anderson (married Emma Douglas) of the 107th Bengal Regiment. A little faded and a couple of marks, good condition.
Ref. no. 124a Price £25

Mary Katherine Fishburn Jackson, a carte de visite of Mary Katherine Fishburn Jackson as a child, posed holding a doll, by L. Susciph of Rome, Italy. Mary Jackson (1862-1942) was born in Dedham Grove, Essex in 1862, the daughter of Royal Navy Commander William Travers Forbes Jackson and Mary Ann Fishburn. Her brother Sydney Charles Fishburn Jackson (1863-1928; later Colonel Charles Fishburn Jackson who married Lucy Beatrice Drake & had sons called Philip Sydney Fishburn Jackson & Alexander Cosby Fishburn Jackson) was born a year later. Both parents died when Mary and Sydney were children. In 1889 Mary married Major General Forbes Macbean (1857-1919), the son of Lieut. Colonel Forbes Macbean of the 92nd Highlanders and Frances Macbean; their son was Duncan Gillies Forbes Macbean (1893-1915), who was killed in action in the First World War. In 1891 Mary and Forbes were living at 25 Victoria Park in Dover. Mary Katherine Macbean died in Switzerland in 1942. Identified in ink on reverse ‘Mary Katherine Fishburn Jackson: 7 years old. May 1869'. Faded, a few little marks, top blank edge of card slightly trimmed & a dent to blank bottom edge, good condition.
Ref. no. 125a Price £45

George Alfred Frere, a carte de visite photograph of George Alfred Frere by A.D. Lewis of 111 and 113 Scotswood Road, Newcastle. Identified in ink on reverse ‘G.A. Frere Sept 1879' George Alfred Frere (1849-1931) was born in London and was the son of Royal Navy commander John James Bartholomew Edward Frere and Anne Frere. He attended St. Edmund Hall, Oxford University and became a bank clerk in Newcastle. He married Leslie Baillie Dempster (c.1850-1908) in 1885 and they had two daughters called Ellenor Anne Frere and Leslie Baillie Frere (married Arthur Campbell Purton). Good condition.
Price £25 Ref. no. 126a

Charles Norman Wait Hanks, a carte de visite of Charles Norman Wait Hanks by C. Hawkins of Bath. Identified in ink on reverse as ‘Charles Norman Wait Hanks aged 1 year & 3 months'. Charles Norman Wait Hanks (1878-1932) was born in Fyfield, Essex, the son of farmer William Hanks and Maria Luton Hanks (nee Maria Luton Wait). In the 1880s he lived with his parents and brothers William Henry Pyke Hanks and Thomas Gilbert Luton Hanks at Lampit Farm (or Lampitts Farm), Fyfield and in 1891 the family were living in Three Chimney Lane, Thatcham in Berkshire. In 1901 he was living at Marsh House in Thatcham. At the time of his death, Charles Hanks was living in Marshfield, Chippenham. Good condition.
Ref. no. 127a Price £35

Hamilton Charles Beville, a carte de visite of Hamilton Charles Beville (1844-1876) by A.F. Lafosse, Allen's Buildings, 32 Victoria Street, Manchester. Identified by ink caption pasted to blank area at top of image as ‘Hamilton Beville 31st.' He was a lieutenant in the 31st Regiment when he died after an accident while stationed in Portland in 1876 and was buried in Melcombe Regis in Dorset. He was the son of Charlotte and Captain Henry Edward Beville of the 5th Dragoons and was born at his family home of Edmondscote Manor House in Warwickshire. His family later lived at Great Horkesley, near Colchester. His siblings were Henry Beville of the 1st Belooch Regiment, George Francis Beville who became a major in the Bombay Staff Corps., Charles Wallace Beville who died near Trinidad, Frederick August Beville who became a captain in the Bombay Army, Elizabeth Beville, Edward Sperling Beville who became a major in the 109th regiment and Catherine Grace Beville (married the Reverend Vincent Pearse). Good condition.
Ref. no. 128a Price £45

Francis Meager D'Arcy, Blanche Emily D'Arcy and Cuthbert Edward D'Arcy, three carte de visites of the D'Arcy children by Edward Hill of 39 Darlington Street, Wolverhampton. Each identified in ink on the reverse as ‘Francis Meager D'Arcy when he was ten years old. 1875', ‘Blanche Emily D'Arcy when she was five years old. 1875', Cuthbert Edward D'Arcy taken when he was three years of age 1875'. The D'Arcys were the children of John Sheppard D'Arcy (1840-1885) and Emily Meager. In 1871 their father John was a broker in skin and hide and the family was living at 21 Cleveland Street in Wolverhampton. The D'Arcys also had children called Louise Madeleine D'Arcy, Basil Norman D'Arcy, Lionel John Montague D'Arcy and Gerald Claude Randolph D'Arcy.
Francis Meager D'Arcy (1864-1938) became a solicitor in Upper Penn Staffordshire. He married Rose Patrice Fellows and they had children called John Leslie Fellows D'Arcy, Frank Geoffrey D'Arcy, Joan D'Arcy and Frances Margaret D'Arcy. Blanche Emily D'Arcy (1870-1955) married Herbert Daniel Northwood, a metal broker & merchant, and had children called John Daniel D'Arcy Northwood, Eric George D'Arcy Northwood and Richard Patrick D'Arcy Northwood. Cuthbert Edward D'Arcy (1872-1931) died in Westmorland. Good condition.
Ref. no. 129a Price £80

Charles Albert Windsor and Jessie Emma Spurway, a carte de visite of Charles Albert Windsor by by A.L. Henderson of 49 King William Street, London Bridge, a mourning card for his death which states he was buried in Abney Park Cemetery, a newspaper clipping of a letter from his brother Louis about how Charles died saving the life of Jessie Emma Spurway when she fell through the ice while skating with Louis on a pond in Hampstead in 1886, and a picture of a coat of arms belonging to Jessie Spurway's grandmother (handwriting hard to read, possibly Cooper for the grandmother). Charles Albert Windsor (1855-1886) was born in Clerkenwell, London while his parents Selina and William Windsor were living in Lloyd Square, Islington. His father was a solicitor and his siblings were William Windsor (married Amelia Alice Huxtable), Selina Maria Windsor, Louis Alfred Windsor, Agnes Gertrude Windsor and Laura Anderson Windsor and Sarah Joyce Windsor. These items belonged to Jessie Spurway, who later married a Mr. Grossman. Jessie Emma Spurway was born in Clerkenwell in 1861 and was the daughter of jeweller Robert Spurway and Eliza Spurway. Photo faded.
Ref. no. 130a £35

Arthur Frederick Egerton, two carte de visite photographs of Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Frederick Leveson Egerton (1829-1866) - the first by Gustave Dautez of Gibralter, the second by an unknown photographer and probably meant to be cut down to be inserted into mourning jewellery. Both identified in ink on reverse and noting that he died in February 1866. Egerton was the son of Francis Leveson Gower Sutherland, Earl of Ellesmere and his wife Harriet Catherine Greville (daughter of Charles and Lady Charlotte Greville). He served in the Grenadier Guards and in the Crimean War was also aide de camp to Lieutenant General Rokeby. He retired from the army and married Helen, the daughter of Martin Tucker Smith, in 1858. His children were Granville George Egerton, Cecil Martin Egerton, Louisa Blanche Egerton, Claude Francis Egerton and Arthur Frederick Egerton. A mark near face on first image, otherwise good condition.
Price £60 Ref. no. 131a

Reverend Francis Hawkins Cole and Elizabeth Blake Sewell, two small silhouettes on card of Francis Hawkins Cole and his wife Elizabeth Blake Sewell of Marazion. The silhouette of Rev. Francis Hawkins Cole (c.1786-1864) was created with a cut-out technique. Cole was the son of Captain Francis Cole of the Royal Navy, who was from St. Hilary in Cornwall, and Honor Keir. He attended Christ Church College, Oxford University. The silhouette of Elizabeth Blake Sewell (died 1828) is painted; she was the daughter of Thomas Bailey Heath Sewell and Lady Elizabeth Bermingham. Francis and Elizabeth had two children: Francis Sewell Cole (who married Julia Crawshay, the daughter of Richard Crawshay) and Louisa Anne Sewell (who married Richard Luther Watson of Calgarth Park). Both sitters are identified in ink on the reverse. Good condition.
Ref. no. 132a Price £80

Fannie Maule Slade, a carte de visite photograph of Fannie Maule Slade (c.1845-1875) by Jabez Hughes of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Identified in pencil on reverse. Aged about 16 she is dressed in an eastern costume. Fannie Maule Slade was the daughter of Lieutenant General Marcus John Slade and Charlotte Slade of Elvington House, Belvidere Street, Ryde. Her siblings included Helen G. Slade and Major Montagu Maule Slade of 10th Hussars who was killed in a cavalry charge at the Battle of El Teb in the British Sudan Campaign in 1884. On 10 September 1875 she married George Sackville Lane Fox, the son of George Lane Fox of Bramah Hall, Yorkshire, at St. Marie's Catholic Church in Ryde. Fannie died after giving birth to her daughter in Paris in 1875. Her children were Philip Edward Joseph Lane-Fox, Captain Francis Edmund Joseph Lane-Fox and Mary Katherine Elizabeth Lane Fox. Corners clipped, good condition.
Ref. no. 133a Price £45

George Sandys, Real photo postcard of politician and army captain George John Sandys (1875-1937) by J.H. Coath of Liskeard. Dating from about 1910. Sandys was born in Lindfield, Sussex and died in Monaco in 1937. In 1901 he was a lieutenant in the 5th Dragoon Guards and living with his mother Louisa in Kensington. Some aging and a couple of small marks. Good condition.
Ref. no. 134a Price £10

Freddie Guthrie Tait, original pen and ink drawing, a portrait on card, of golfer Freddie Guthrie Tait (1870-1890) by M.C. Veitel (could read Veital or something similar). The picture shows Tait in uniform at the time of his service in the Boer War; before this he was a champion golf player. The drawing was probably published in a newspaper or magazine of the period and is very well done. There is foxing to the card and image.
Ref. no. 135a Price £60

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