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Transcriptions to follow when I have time (and depending how well I can read from my pictures).

Photographs taken 17 March 2008 when I happened to be briefly in the area. At times it was raining, so some are a little dark.

First grave from the right:
Howard Carlile Morris (1850-1906)
His wife
Mildred Emily Morris
His daughter
Dorothy Morris.
In 1901 Howard Morris was a solicitor living in Kensington.

Second grave from the right:
'In loving memory of
Ruth Martha Letzon' (c.1859-1902)
Ruth Pamela Letzon
Carl Augustus Letzon
Charles Letzon
Anne Dorothy Letzon
Carl Letzon was born in Germany and in the 1901 census was a 'soft foods merchant'. He and his wife
Ruth were living with their daughters Lily and Alma in Stockwell.
Ruth Martha Letzon, his wife, was born in Islington.

Third from right, I think, is Henry Briggs and his wife Alice Briggs.

First grave from the left, another view of:
Howard Carlile Morris
Born January 29th 1850
Died May 15th 1906
And of
Mildred Emily
His Wife
Died March 10th (?) 1938
Daughter of the above.'
In 1901 Howard Morris was a solicitor living in Kensington.

Largest grave in the background:
'In loving memory of
John Garland
Who died October ? 1897
Also of
Horace William Garland
Beloved Son of the Above
Who passed peacefully away
January ? 1902 (?) aged 22 years
Also George Arthur
Beloved Son of John Garland
Who fell in action
September ? 1915 (?) aged ? years.
Also Amelia.'
John Garland (c.1845-1897) was born in St. Agnes, Cornwall and lived in Camberwell.
In the 1891 census he was described as a secretary to a public company.
His wife, who only got an 'Also Amelia' on the stone, was born in Devon.

Grave at the back of the picture, far left:
John Smith Embleton Rumsey, died August 1909, his wife Emma, and their son Henry James Rumsey.

The white, standing, grave in the middle with missing lettering:
Jane Dean (I think) the wife of Robert Dean;
? Robert Dean, fourth son of the above, awarded Military Cross, Died of wounds December 2nd 1916;
Francis Robert Dean, eldest son of the above, died 1917, aged 40 years;
George Dean, Died September 27th 1928, aged 77 years.

Behind the white grave, to the right:
'In loving memory of Mary Ann
The beloved wife of Edward Barham.'
Albert Harvie (?) their son.
Edward Barham, died aged 77.
Mabel, their daughter.

Behind the white grave, second to the right:
Mallinson family:
William Sidney Mallinson, in his 18th year, died 1897;
George Mallinson;
Albert Frank Mallinson;
Eliza Ellen Mallinson;
? Henry Mallinson.

Next to the white grave, to the right:
'In loving memory of
Mary Penn
Who died 14th February 1896
Aged 74.
Also of
Joseph Ransted
Who died 11 November 1886 aged 54 (?).
Also of
William Penn
Who died 11th May 1900 aged 78.
Also of Sarah, wife of Joseph Ransted.'
Joseph William Ransted.
In 1891 Joseph Ransted was an insurance agent living in Hoxton.

Some of the same graves as previous plus:
'Maud Mary Cooper
The beloved daughter of
Thomas and Elizabeth Cooper
Who fell asleep ? February 1897
Aged 26 years.'

James Goodman
Born at Cranfield, Bedfordshire 26th May 1831
Died at Buxton, Derbyshire 31st August 1902.
Also his wife Emma Goodman, died 1919.
In the 1901 census James Goodman was a retired builder living in Clapham.

James Goodman

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