Edwardian Advertising


Epps Cocoa
'Distinguished everywhere for Delicacy of Flavour
Epps's Grateful Comforting Cocoa
Superior Quality, and Highly Nutritive Properties.'
A magazine from 1903.

'This policeman is one of the many thousands of public servants who have to perform their arduous duties under very trying conditions. Unfortunately such persons, moving about from day to day, and often under urgent pressure, are not always in a position to select their own bill of fare. It is in cases such as this that Dr. Tibbles's Vi-Cocoa brings help and comfort, and soon removes and obviates all feelings of fatigue, braces the nerves, and gives tone to the system.
A Victorian brand still going in 1906.

Van Houten's Cocoa
'The wise mother nourishes her children with Van Houten's Cocoa'.
An advert from 1906.

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