Secrets and Rumours: The Unconventional Life of M.E. Braddon
The 2004 play by Doug Pinchin and Richard Morris
Based on The Literary Lives of Mary Elizabeth Braddon by Jennifer Carnell

Secrets and Rumours starred Sabina Franklyn as Mary Elizabeth Braddon and was produced by Richard Douglas Productions.
It was first performed at the Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond, Surrey on 25 January 2004.
It was performed again at Ham House on 19 and 26 September 2004.
The last performances were at The Mill Studio at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford on 18 and 19 February 2005.

A cd was also recorded by Richard Douglas Productions on 3 March 2004.


CD cover.

Flier for the theatre production in Richmond.

'Secrets and Rumours takes place after the death of her husband in 1895. Mary Elizabeth reflects on her life and its carefully hidden scandals. What would have happened if the truth had been told.'

Sabina Franklyn as Mary Elizabeth Braddon and Karl Moffatt as John Maxwell.
The scene is set at Lichfield House in 1895.

Sabina Franklyn as Mary Braddon is 'Breathtaking' (reviw in the Richmond & Twickenham Times).

Front cover of the Orange Tree Theatre programme.

Inside of the theatre programme.

Based on The Literary Lives of Mary Elizabeth Braddon by Jennifer Carnell (Published by the Sensation Press)
Autumn 1895, Late Evening, Miss Braddon's Study, Lichfield House, Richmond.
Mary Elizabeth played by Sabina Franklyn
The Men in her Life played by Karl Moffatt
Dadswell, the maid, played by Julia Allen
William Sawyer played by Michael Godley
George Elliot played by Heather Godley

Sabina Franklyn as Braddon and Karl Moffatt as Braddon's Yorkshire patron John Gilby.

Photographs © Richard Douglas Productions
Thanks to playwright Doug Pinchin for allowing me to reproduce the pictures etc.


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