Adverts for Victorian Magazines
Jennifer Carnell

The Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine
A magazine advert for the first issue of the new series in 1860, just as colour fashion plates were introduced.

Churchman's Family Magazine. One shilling per issue.
A magazine advert published in 1863.

The Boy's Own Magazine published by S.O. Beeton (Samuel Beeton)
A magazine insert for the new publication, published in 1863.

A magazine advert published in 1869.

The Girl of the Period Almanack for 1869, Edited by Miss Echo
Echoes Office.

A magazine advert published in 1869.

The Ladies Illustrated: A Journal of the Court, Fashion and Society
A magazine advert published in 1872.

The Stage
The most largely circulated theatrical paper.
An advert from 1888.

An advert for the Idler magazine, published in a yellowback novel circa 1892.
The Idler was edited by Jerome K. Jerome and Robert Barr.

The Strand Magazine
A magazine advert published in 1894.


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